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Recorded Oct. Guillermo Date: Edgell reads from her novel, Beka Lamb. In Spanish. Recorded Dec. Recorded Mar. Recorded Apr. In Portuguese. Recorded Jan. Date: Audio Recording Argentine writer Alfredo A. Roggiano reads from his poetry an Roggiano reads from his book, Viaje impreciso. Audio Recording Salvadoran poet Manlio Argueta reads from his works After a brief autobiographical sketch, El Salvadoran writer Manlio Argueta reads selected poems from his unedited work entitled Guerra florida.

The author gives background to the composition of his literary work. Audio Recording Dominican Poet Rei Berroa reads his poetry and plays the guitar Dominican Republican poet Rei Berroa accompanies himself on the guitar as he recites and sings his poems in Spanish.

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Audio Recording Panamanian writer Gloria Guardia reads from her work and is i Guardia reads from Otra vez Bach. Audio Recording Brazilian author Milton Hatoum reads from his works and is in Chiefly in Portuguese. Audio Recording Chilean writer Isabel Allende reading from her work and inter Recorded Sept. Recorded July 6, , University of P. Soto reads from his novel, Memoria de mi amnesia. Recorded June 29, , in Managua. Recorded in Feb. Audio Recording Spanish writer Pere Calders reads from his prose and is inter Recorded June 21, , Barcelona.

Recorded June 22, , at the poet's home in Barcelona.

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Figure 2. Source: Anjos, Eu poesias completas. The Brazilian poet would become known for his naturalistic words, mixing everyday terms with jargon that could be deemed unpoetic. The biologicalverbs e. Famous for his masterful use of meter in ballads, ghazals and sonnets, Lorca decided to venture into free verse upon visiting New York in The result is the groundbreaking Poeta en Nova York and His page O Guesa was first published in NYC ; a revised edition was published in London between and Guesa is a word from the Chibcha language, spoken by the native American Muisca people encountered by the Spanish in in the central highlands of present-day Colombia.

When the guesa arrives on Wall Street, though, the poetic form suddenly changes into a surprising arrangement that reflects the theme, i.

Romantismo Brasil - Poesia [Prof. Noslen]

Figure 3. This new poetic form—I call it infernism—appears only twice throughout the saga, covering 17 pages of Canto II and 31 of Canto X. The use of this form in Canto II, unrelated to Wall Street, is a first experiment with the new rhythm, which reveals its full powers in Canto X. Below, the pages are reproduced in which the meter changes as guesa enters the Wall Street Inferno.

Below is a proposed scansion of the transition from decasyllables to infernisms in O Guesa, as well as two more infernistic stanzas the 5th and 28th, counting from the arrival on Wall Street; note the caesura symbols are omitted. On page of O Guesa, the stanzas of four heroic decasyllables give way to very different stanzas, which present the following formal attributes:.

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Anjos, Augusto dos. Eu poesias completas. Rio de Janeiro: self-published, Britto, Paulo Henriques. Coordinated by Carlos Reis.

Lisbon: Imprensa Nacional- Casa da Moeda, Campos, Augusto de and Haroldo de Campos. Campos, Augusto de. Hardman, Francisco Foot.

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Lorca, Federico Garcia. Translated by Pablo Medina and Mark Statman. New York: Grove Press,

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