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He became Fellow of the Royal Society in He was president of the 21st session of the Indian Science Congress in Saha was fortunate to have brilliant teachers and class fellows. In later life he was close to Amiya Charan Banerjee , a renowned mathematician at Allahabad University. On his religious views, Saha was an atheist. Saha died on 16 February of a cardiac arrest in New Delhi. He was on his way to the office of the Planning Commission in Rashtrapati Bhavan , when he collapsed a few yards away from there.

Saha, it was reported, had been suffering from hypertension for ten months prior to his death. Meghnad Saha's best-known work concerned the thermal ionisation of elements , and it led him to formulate what is known as the Saha equation. This equation is one of the basic tools for interpretation of the spectra of stars in astrophysics, and astrophysicists often use the phrase "to Saha correctly," making Saha one of the few scientists whose name is a verb.

By studying the spectra of various stars, one can find their temperature and from that, using Saha's equation, determine the ionisation state of the various elements making up the star. This work was soon extended by Ralph H.

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Fowler and Edward Arthur Milne. Saha had previously reached the following conclusion on the subject. Saha also invented an instrument to measure the weight and pressure of solar rays and helped to build several scientific institutions, such as the Physics Department in Allahabad University and the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Calcutta.

He founded the journal Science and Culture and was the editor until his death. Saha was also one of the prominent among the works on Halley's Comet. To actively participate in planning of education, industrialization, health, and river valley development Saha "decided to offer himself" as a candidate in the constituency of North-West Calcutta in the Loksabha election. He ran on the ticket of Union of Socialists and Progressives [16] [17] [18] but Saha always maintained his independence. He was pitted against a very powerful and well funded candidate from Congress, Mr.

Prabhu Dayal Himatsingka.

Saha was not well funded for his campaign and wrote to his publisher in November to ask for a Rs 5, advance against the sale of his popular textbook Treatise on Heat "because I am standing for election in the house of the people from NW Calcutta". In the book "Meghnad Saha in Parliament" Saha is described as "Never unduly critical, Saha was so forthright, so incisive, so thorough in pointing out lapses that the treasury bench was constantly on the defensive.

This is brought out by the way he was accused of leaving his laboratory and straying into a territory not his own. But the reason why he was slowly drifting towards this public role he was never a politician in the correct sense of the term was the gradually widening gulf between his dream and the reality—between his vision of an industrialised India and the Government implementation of the plan.

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Saha was the chief architect of river planning in India and prepared the original plan for the Damodar Valley Project. His own observation with respect to his transition into government projects and political affairs is as follows:.

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Scientists are often accused of living in the "Ivory Tower" and not troubling their mind with realities and apart from my association with political movements in my juvenile years, I had lived in ivory tower up to But science and technology are as important for administration now-a-days as law and order. I have gradually glided into politics because I wanted to be of some use to the country in my own humble way. The Nobel Committee evaluated Saha's work. It was seen as a useful application, but not a "discovery.

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Saha was nominated again for the Prize in and by Arthur Compton ; and in , and by Mitra. The Committee held to its previous decision. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Meghnad Saha. Physics Today. Bibcode : PhT Before he became a famous professor, he held a job in a Swiss patent office in Bern. He typically wrapped up his job in just four hours then began working on his scientific papers. Today, a typical working day lasts about eight hours for five days a week, and most people can take the weekends off.

By all means. You might have other commitments like family, friends and hobbies, but perhaps there's something you can stop doing or something you can do less of. If it helps, consider tracking how you spend each working day for a week using a spreadsheet. Self-tracking will help you see where your time actually goes. I am lying on the shore like a crocodile, allowing myself to be roasted by the sun, never see a newspaper, and do not give a hoot about the so-called world.

I like the idea of this learned and famous professor switching off from the world and people's expectations.

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You see, it's not much of a holiday if you spend the afternoons in the sun knocking out a key report or pruning your inbox. Instead, close and delegate as many activities as possible before you break for your holiday. Just don't forget the sunscreen.

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Einstein was famous for engaging in thought experiments whereby he imagined himself riding along a light beam and in an elevator falling from space. In other words, Einstein didn't wait for his Theory of Relativity to drop on top of him like manna from heaven.

Instead, because he cultivated a habit of doing the work consistently, he was able to recognize the value of new ideas when they emerged from the back of his mind. Consider the writer who has a great idea for a story while in the shower or the executive who realizes how to act on a customer complaint while gardening.

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One must knock them down alone. Einstein demonstrated an aptitude for stoicism. Rather than dwelling on setbacks in his life like a difficult marriage and a career that took years to ignite, he used those obstacles as motivation to pursue his scientific ideas on the side.