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Rasmussen College may not prepare students for all positions featured within this content. Please visit www. External links provided on rasmussen. Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited private college. Noticing irregularities and problems Nurses are the vanguard for changes in patient symptoms. Advocating for patients beyond the healthcare environment It may not be an everyday thing, but nurses are often responders who step in to assist patients long after their time at a healthcare facility.

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Building trust with patients When a child needs an IV, you spend plenty of time preparing them first, according to Valiquette. Consistently and carefully adhering to protocols Though so much can be said about emotional communication and the support patients need psychologically—nursing is also very technical work.

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Niche duties connected to specialties Nurses work in several different settings and have way more specialized career options than most people realize. What will you bring to the job? Request More Information Talk with a program manager today. Step 1 of 3 What's Your Name? First Name Please enter your first name. Last Name Please enter your last name.

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Local governments take an active interest in the quality of care their local hospital delivers to the community. Nurse managers ensure the goals of the local government are embodied on the unit and community members receive the highest quality of care possible. By engaging these customers, nurse managers ensure the unit is able to deliver the highest quality of care for their patients while adhering to regulations.

Nurse managers ensure the unit's expenses fall within its budget. This includes sharing financial expectations with unit staff so staff members are aware of the unit's financial goals. Nurse managers ensure staffing costs remain within the budgeted amounts. They prepare for fluctuations in staffing needs without accruing staff overtime, and when staffing needs overwhelm unit resources, they are responsible for budgeting for temporary help.

Nurses are found in a variety of roles and practice settings

Nurse managers also support the efforts of the CUSP team by helping the team develop a way for its work to be completed within available staffing resources. Nurse managers are responsible for the maintenance of operating and physical plant costs for the unit. They are responsible for ensuring these costs are kept at a minimum while making sure the needs of the unit are met. The nurse manager makes sure that staff members have access to the equipment and supplies they need to complete their CUSP interventions.

While the senior executive member of the CUSP team helps the team secure resources, it is the responsibility of the nurse manager to ensure that the team is able to effectively use those resources. When these items become expensive, the nurse manager needs to create a solution that satisfies the needs of their staff and does not compromised patient care.

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Nurse managers understand the professional and regulatory guidelines e. Regulating agencies and insurance companies mandate that hospitals provide evidence-based clinical practices as the standard of care. Nurse managers are responsible for making sure their staff members are educated on standards of care and any changes to those standards so that staff members are able to provide the safest care possible on the unit. Nurse managers assess compliance with standards and coach staff members who are not meeting the standards.

Nurse managers work with their physician colleagues to determine the most up-to-date standards of care and to plan for them to be provided to their patients. Nurse managers are responsible for aligning the unit's goals with the hospital's goals. Nurse managers serve as the decisionmakers who are responsible for the best interests of the unit. They make sure unit staff members are able to clearly see how unit goals align with the hospital's goals.

Nurse managers encourage their staff to participate in projects and initiatives. Using the 4E's, nurse managers engage unit staff to participate in the project, educate them on the importance of their involvement, execute a plan of action with their staff, and evaluate their progress with the intervention being carried out on the unit. When working with staff, nurse managers use more than one form of communication to share and receive information.

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By supporting effective communication on the unit, nurse managers are able to ensure their staff members have the necessary information to complete quality improvement work. Hospitals, as businesses, employ frameworks to increase efficiency and quality of care. These frameworks are proven in both the nursing and business worlds and deliver a results-driven protocol for nurse managers to follow when putting into effect business and health care quality improvement initiatives on their units.

Nurse managers can support their unit's CUSP work through using other quality improvement frameworks. Using additional frameworks provides nurse managers with an additional reference point to gauge the success of the CUSP intervention and align the unit's work with it. The Baldridge Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence address the key areas of running a successful health care organization. These are:. The framework provides an integrated approach to performance excellence that nurse managers can use on their unit to make sure the unit is functioning at optimum efficiency and is engaging the appropriate stakeholders.

Nurse managers can use this framework to engage their unit staff with the intervention being implemented on the unit and ensure staff members are aware of the full systematic effects of their quality improvement work. Quint Studer's Five Pillars provide a foundation for setting organizational goals, a direction for service, and an operational focus for nurse managers. When nurse managers align the strategy of the unit across the five pillars, the pillars provide the consistency and focus needed to sustain efforts over time.

When nurse managers apply the Five Pillars to their unit's CUSP work, they are providing unit staff with another means of identifying their work with the unit's goals. The service pillar is related to the quality of service that the unit staff delivers to patients and their families.

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When projects are aligned with this pillar, staff members are able to see where their work coincides with the service delivered to patients and their families. The quality pillar is related to the quality improvement work that the unit staff members participate in as a part of their CUSP work. When unit goals are aligned with this pillar, the unit is able to see where their CUSP quality improvement work aligns with the goals of the unit.

Aligning goals with the people pillar provides nurse managers with a means of assessing how the CUSP intervention affects staff. Aligning unit goals with the finance pillar provides nurse managers with a means of understanding how the CUSP intervention affects finances for the unit.

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When unit staff and nurse managers align their goals with the growth pillar, they are evaluating their goals against measurable growth and development opportunities. Evaluation is important for determining whether or not an intervention has been successful. The Five Pillars provide an evaluation process for an organization. When goals are strategically aligned across the five areas, deficiencies in one area are countered by excesses in another.

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Additionally, aligning goals across the Five Pillars helps keep the organization balanced in its short- and long-term objectives and encourages staff to develop goals that align with the pillars. Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and measurement system that aligns business activities with the organization's vision and strategy, improves internal and external communications, and monitors organization performance against strategic goals.

Nurse managers can use the Balanced Scorecard when they want to measure the unit's progress. The scorecard is used as a strategic planning and measurement system for assessing all aspects of the unit. Nurse managers can apply this framework on the unit to obtain a greater understanding of the needs of the unit team.

The American Organization of Nurse Executives Nurse Manager Leadership Partnership Learning Domain Framework provides a means for aligning organizational goals and measuring progress toward goal achievement. The framework asks nurse managers to assess their business, personal development, and leadership functions on their unit when they develop goals and assess progress on the unit.

Customer or patient satisfaction feedback, obtained using surveys, is another key tool that allows nurse managers to gauge the service the unit provides.