A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Lean And Muscular

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I noticed the best results after I started doing cardio at the end of my workout, and the results were much better than not doing cardio at all.

Cardio is great for your body and it will even give you that extra sharpness if you do it. I can't stress this enough! In order to have a good workout, you need to have a pre-workout meal a couple hours before the gym so you can have that energy to use during the workout. You eat right before the gym and you will not use the energy in the food you just ate because it takes time to process. Also for pre-workouts to be more effective and get into your system, it is better to have an empty stomach to maximize absorption.

How to Gain Muscle Mass Naturally (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Post workout is also very important too. For my post workout, I take a quick shake while I am still at the gym pure isolate and when I get home I have another shake with carbs, protein and some fats. I also eat a banana because it has enzymes that help force nutrients into your muscles. I love the taste too. This is the formula that works best.


It helped me achieve my goals. A huge part of looking good is eating good.

You must eat healthy and treat your body right if you expect to see results. Treat your body like a Ferrari, you would not fill your tank with the lowest grade gasoline would you? Fill your body with the best fuel you can find. Cheat meals are very important and can help you burn even more fat. When we first start dieting and working out, our leptin level is high and we are able to burn a lot of fat and lose weight fast. Then we hit that plateau and can't figure out why. Typically the leptin level in our body stays in the fat burning zone for days and then it slowly goes back down.

If we want to keep our body in a fat burning mode, we need to spike that leptin level back up. Having a "cheat meal" introduces a high amount of fat, carbs and sugar into our body. Cheat meals are essential for fat burning.

The No BS Guide to Building Lean Muscle

This means basically that twice a week you can enjoy a meal that includes a bit of a junk food. Now you can't cheat all the time, but every days will do the trick. My cheat meals include vanilla and chocolate twist with peanut butter cups topped with peanut butter sauce. This does the trick. I enjoy eating it, plus it's great knowing that it will actually make me even look better! It's hard to believe, but once you understand how the body works, it is easier to enjoy life! Supplements "supplement" what you can't naturally put into your body because of diet limitations.

I will give you the stack that I used to help me safely burn off extra fat off. I also use this to maintain weight. What I take varies. I do not like taking pre-workouts so I cycle them on and off for a few weeks. This stack has helped me push past my plateau and burn up the extra adipose tissue. After you make a plan, fix your diet, get the right amount of sleep, make a routine and stick to it, you will start seeing the results you want and see no limits.

Each week you will see changes, and in order to improve you will need to push yourself harder each day.

If you can get the basics down, you are set on a path for success. In order to see results, take a picture of yourself every two weeks. Place them next to one another and compare your results. Alpha Design Photography. It's obviously also not sustainable and I bet you didn't even have a social life.

Reading all that just gave me a headache there's way too much complexity there and also you were always lean you may not have had muscles but you were always lean which made it easier for you to get ripped. Be happy that he shares some tips. It is very hard to reach a amount of protein on certain calories and you cannot get all vitamins with the food that you eat.

Stop complaining and start training, start living your life. Calories at 3, daily should raise a flag here. Sorry but muscle doesnt chew up that many calories. The new research says a few calories per pound. Way less than the old school estimates. So your workouts are burning up hundred from cardio and MAYBE another hundred from strength training but probably more like if you're only doing 45 minutes. So at most you're burning calories daily and your BMR is probably around So if you're consuming 3, and burning you should gain a pound of fat a week.

Unless you have help if you know what I mean. I think you are probably eating more like daily then you would just have enough left over to build muscle which is more like calories extra daily.

Step By Step Guide To Getting Shredded Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

That would make sense. The truth is I don't care whio you are once you get down there it's almost impossible to maintain and you feel like crap and your body might look great but your eyes and face look awful. Anybody who can maintain this either spends all there time doing this as a profession or has no life.

Things you could never ever do is celebrate your birthday with real food never ever eat out at restutraunts or drink alcohol. And there is no way you can eat grams of carbs and stay that ripped because you body forces you to retain water if you eat more than 50 grams of carbs a day. Sorry man nice try. Anybody who knows a lick about nutrition can see right through this. It's time to admit the source of your success and cut the bullshit. Hey man you were able to do the unthinkable for You should be damn proud of yourself either way.

I'm just saying you shouldn't give average people false hope because most people especially in this day in age don't have the mental attention to detail and the physical power to suffer so long to hit this lofty goal. I have to agree with everything you stated. Eating all those carbs will definitely make you retain water. That's a known, proven, fact. That's why guys "carb up" before shows so their muscle bellies look "full". Not even close. Awesome article! Matthew you look sick and very aesthetic too bro!

Thanks a lot for a great article.

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I just have a small question please; I do my cardio right before I start lifting, is that ok? Thank you everyone for the support and I will continue motivating you guys! Seeing your positive feedback is what motivates me to better myself!! Also remember to check out my fan page and give it a like!! My lifting routine involves mon tues thurs fri and sunday being lifting days. I do cardio at the end of each workout as well. I know believe I can actually get a six pack if I focus. Do you have a recommendation on which form of strength training is the most effective and give the biggest reward on the time investment?

Step #2: Set Goals & Reason Why

I think there are a few things you should think about, which form the foundation of my BuiltLean Program. I wrote an entire article series on constructing maximally efficient, fat burning workouts. Thanks for the article mark!