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Back to Top What is a Mortgage? But the borrower must pay a mortgage default insurance premium to protect the lender if payments are not made. Check with your lender to find out the amount of the insurance premium. Back to Top What is an Amortization Period? Back to Top What is a Term? Community Rural?

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Small town? What facilities are available: shopping centres? Are property taxes comparable to those in other communities? Are there any future developments planned which you may not like? Are the sewage and water systems adequate? What is the availability and cost of utilities: electricity? What public services are provided: police? Transportation Is there nearby public transportation available? Do you mind a long commute to work or to visit friends? Can you afford to drive to and park at your workplace?

Will another car be needed for your partner to drive to work, to shop, or take children to school or other activities?

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  • Are major roads easily accessible? Neighbourhood Is public and private property maintained to your satisfaction? What is the composition of families living nearby: quiet, mature people? Are their incomes and lifestyles compatible with yours? Have home values risen, fallen, or remained stable in the recent past? Are there any known projects on the horizon which could substantially change the quality of the lifestyle or the home prices in the area?

    Do you feel comfortable with the current zoning regulations? Will they protect home values yet still allow you to use a dwelling in the way you envision: outdoor basketball hoops and barbecues? When you walk up and down the streets of the neighbourhood, can you picture yourself living there for several years into the future?

    Do you understand the effect of the registered bylaws of a strata corporation? For example, do the bylaws restrict your right to rent the property or prohibit pets? Dwelling Are you interested in brand new only? What combination of space do you require?


    Is a large, well-equipped kitchen important to you? How about a fireplace? A large entrance hall? A sun deck? A pool? Would you prefer a small lawn and low-maintenance garden, or do you enjoy cutting grass and making things grow? Do you need a dwelling with room to eventually accommodate more children? Elderly parents? Do you require wheelchair accessibility either for you or your visitors? Are there any restrictions which could prohibit pets or rentals? Schools What schooling is available: primary? How close are the schools and how do the students get there?

    Are the schools crowded? Is the sports program satisfactory? Do the students have a high achievement record? If your family has special educational needs, are these available? Back to Top Your Relationship with a Real Estate Licensee When providing real estate services, the nature of the relationship that is created between the buyer or seller and the real estate brokerage, including its related licensees, is important.

    Back to Top Services a Buyer Can Expect From a Real Estate Licensee You can expect licensees to provide you with such services as: Helping you to clarify the type of home you need and can afford Providing information about available properties and sources of financing Arranging appointments to view available properties Providing accurate answers to any questions you may have about a specific home you are considering Explaining the forms used in a real estate transaction and assisting you in making a written offer to purchase Presenting your written offer to the seller Familiarizing you with the steps you must take to complete the purchase after the seller accepts your offer.

    Pay particular attention to the following: What size and shape is the lot? Is it fully serviced with sewage, water, gas, and electrical lines?

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    How many square feet of living space is there? How many rooms? Condition and age of the roof: Are there any leaks or recent repairs? If only part of the roof was repaired, will the rest cause trouble? Are there proper roof gutters and adequate downspouts which are properly connected to storm drains? Are the interior walls and ceilings solid? Is there any evidence of leaks or cracks? Are floors firm and level? What about the condition of the floor boards? Does the ceiling sag? Is there evidence of termites or dry rot? What types of floors are beneath the carpeting?

    Are stairs and door frames level and well joined? Is the natural lighting to your liking? Which way does the front face—north, south, east or west? Is the layout compatible with your habits?

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    Is the kitchen suitable? Are there enough outlets and space for appliances? What about cabinets? Are storage areas and closet space adequate? Does it look like renovation work has been done?