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What do you think of these kinds of events? I didn't see much of it. The three youngest sisters in the convent went and they came back very content. The macro-Church event is perhaps a sign of the times. The same thing happened to the people who went to see the Pope.

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These big church events are perhaps a sign of the times in the 21st century. What's important is the kind of message they send and how they use those spaces. And how were they used during WYD? I think there was a preponderance of conservative expressions and messages towards the young people along us-them Church-society lines, but there were also spaces where one could share the faith with a more open viewpoint.

Do you have hope for the future of society and the Church? Are you a hopeful woman? For example, will we see a change in the Church in the short term? More than in the short term, today. I like to look at reality the way Jesus asked us to. A look that sees that the fields are golden or mature and that there is just a need for harvesters.

That outlook that sees, as St. Paul says, that the world is pregnant with God. And even already giving birth, and in places where nobody anticipated it.

That's what gives hope. Women and Religious Gender Roles in Islam.


The study of women in Islam investigates the role of women within the religion of Islam. The complex relationship between women and Islam is defined by both Islamic texts and the history and culture of the Muslim world. The Qur'an makes it clear that men and women are equal, however the Qu'ran states in , "Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has made one of them to excel the other, and because they spend from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient and guard in the husband's absence what Allah orders them to guard.

This verse however refers to a relationship between a husband and wife, not in society as a whole. Sharia Islamic law provides for complementarianism , differences between women's and men's roles, rights, and obligations. However neither the Quran nor Hadith mention women have to cook or clean. The majority of Muslim countries give women varying degrees of rights with regards to marriage, divorce, civil rights, legal status, dress code, and education based on different interpretations. Scholars and other commentators vary as to whether they are just and whether they are a correct interpretation of religious imperatives.

Dharma Wheel Courtesy of Wikipedia Wikipedia article on Women in Buddhism : "Women in Buddhism is a topic that can be approached from varied perspectives including those of theology, history, anthropology and feminism.

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Topical interests include the theological status of women, the treatment of women in Buddhist societies at home and in public, the history of women in Buddhism, and a comparison of the experiences of women across different forms of Buddhism. As in other religions, the experiences of Buddhist women have varied considerably. Mettanando Bhikkhu says of the First Buddhist council : "Perhaps Mahakassappa and the bhikkhus of that time were jealous of the bhikkhunis being more popular and doing more teaching and social work than the bhikkhus.

Their anti-women prejudice became institutionalized at that time with the eight garudhammas, the eight weighty restrictions.

How the Popes man survived the Law of Nature - eBook

We must discontinue that prejudice. There is no anti-women prejudice in Jainism and they survived in India; whereas Buddhism had prejudice and did not survive in India" [see The First Council and Suppression of the Bhikkhuni Order ]. Although it must be said that this is factually incorrect, because there are jain sects like the Digambara sect, which believes that women are capable of spiritual progress, but must be reborn male, in order to attain final spiritual liberation. It is also highly doubtful that the garudhammas were motivated by Mahakaasapa's being jealous, as he is said to be an enlightened one and one of the principle disciples of the Buddha.

Furthermore there's no support within canon, to suggest that the bhikkunis were more popular, taught more or that they did more social work than Bhikkhus. Feminist scholars have also noted than even when a woman's potential for spiritual attainment is acknowledged, records of such achievements may not be kept - or may be obscured by gender-neutral language or mis-translation of original sources by Western scholars.

According to Bernard Faure , "Like most clerical discourses, Buddhism is indeed relentlessly misogynist , but as far as misogynist discourses go, it is one of the most flexible and open to multiplicity and contradiction. Symbol of Hinduism Courtesy of Wikipedia Wikipedia article on Women in Hinduism : The role of women in Hinduism is often disputed, and positions range from equal status with men to restrictive. Hinduism is based on numerous texts, some of which date back to BCE or earlier.

They are varied in authority, authenticity, content and theme, with the most authoritative being the Vedas.

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The position of women in Hinduism is widely dependent on the specific text and the context. Positive references are made to the ideal woman in texts such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata , while some texts such as the Manu Smriti advocate a restriction of women's rights.


In modern times the Hindu wife has traditionally been regarded as someone who must at all costs remain chaste or pure. This is in contrast with the very different traditions that have prevailed at earlier times in 'Hindu' kingdoms, which included highly respected professional courtesans such as Amrapali of Vesali , sacred devadasis , mathematicians and female magicians the basavis , the Tantric kulikas.

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Some European scholars observed in the nineteenth century Hindu women were "naturally chaste" and "more virtuous" than other women, although what exactly they meant by that is open to dispute. In any case, as male foreigners they would have been denied access to the secret and sacred spaces that women often inhabited. Mahabharata and Manusmriti asserts that gods are delighted only when women are worshiped or honoured, otherwise all spiritual actions become futile.

There is a wide variety of viewpoints within the different schools and sects of Hinduism concerning the exact nature and gender where applicable of the Supreme person or being; there are even sects that are skeptical about the existence of such a being. Shaktism , for example, focuses worship on the goddess Devi as the supreme embodiment of power, or Shakti feminine strength; a female form of God.

Vaishnavism and Shaivism both worship Lakshmi with Vishnu and Parvati with Shiva respectively as beings on an equal level of magnitude the male and female aspects of God. In some instances such as with Gaudiya Vaishnavism , specific emphasis is placed on the worship of God's female aspect Radharani even above that of her paramour Krishna. Thus it could be said that Hinduism considers God to have both male and female aspects, as the original source of both.

Since , Sister Paula has been freelancing as a futurist and environmentalist , working for more than three decades to promote sustainable living. She supported the work of the Alternate Energy Association of Southwestern Ohio, including serving as president for a while. She has developed audiotape courses in Earth-healing; has written several articles and book chapters on ecospirituality, conservation, renewable energy , and spiritual ecology ; and has reached thousands in person by giving over presentations.

When the temperature dropped below zero in the winter of , the home temperature dropped to no lower than 50 degrees without any heater running. Sister Paula founded EarthConnection, an environmental learning center where tours, internships, and environmental educational programs have been conducted. In Medical-Surgical Nursing by Shafer et al. Louis: Mosby, LaChance and J. Carroll, eds. Carroll and K. Warner, eds. Conroy and R. Videotape Programs 1. In St. His job requires him to uphold the medieval doctrine of natural law which recent Popes have imposed on all Catholics. When Muss enters the real world, he is in for a shock.

Married couples may never use the pill or a condom. Gay partners are forbidden any form of sexual intimacy. Women are mothers by nature and not suitable for the priesthood. He delves into dark recesses of human sexuality.

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He finds out what women are really like, and falls in love. He becomes a husband and father. On this site we present a balanced view, supported by modern Catholic theology. New Focus in Catholic Sexual Morality 1. The shift from ontological constructs of gender, marriage and sexuality to the experiential discovery of gender, marriage and sexuality.