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The Anunnaki are mythological beings mentioned in Middle Eastern and Mesopotamian mythology, notably that of the Sumerians , Assyrians, and Babylonians.

They are involved in the Babylonian creation myth. Altogether uninteresting for years until The Bible code people feel that the Anunnaki are the Nephilim. The Anunnaki built the Egyptian pyramids at Giza, nuked Mesopotamia, could bring the dead back to life, the weirdness just goes on. The Anunnaki will return in or the world will end then, yet again or something.

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Few know that Mr Zecharia Sitchin wasn't the first to reintroduce the Anunnaki to 20th-century culture. In Robert E. Howard's short story "The Shadow Kingdom" from the August issue of Weird Tales , Kull of Atlantis a precursor to Howard's better known hero Conan the Barbarian battles and defeats the "lizard people" who enslaved humanity in a Pangaea like world. Howard's later works.

Notably and on the subject, the main villain Thulsa Doom and the serpent cult in the Conan the Barbarian movie, were from the Kull series. Lovecraft to create a common mythos. Zacharia Sitchin's Anunnaki seem to have more similarities with Robert E.

Anunnaki documentary (2018)-the Full story of their presence in our society throughout History

Howard's lizard people than with the Sumerian Anunnaki deities mentioned in Gilgamesh. Regardless the Anunnaki and their later correlation with Nibiru are an interesting case of 'modern syncretism' offering parallels to how Utanapistim became Noah and suggesting that myths are mastodon-tic cannibal beasts that eat everything in their path. Consequently, we can safely deduce that, eventually, we will have one, big, tidy, all-encompassing conspiracy theory that ties together Anunnaki, crop circles, ancient giants, the Illuminati and every other conspiracy theory.

Anunna (Anunnaku, Anunnaki) (a group of gods)

The Anunnaki were 7 gods mentioned by Utanapistim later Noah to Gilgamesh as the old gods that sent the flood on earth. They are first mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh table While these 7 deities later had Sumerian and Babylonian counterparts it is important to note that in the text these are presented as the gods of Utanapistim and not Gilgamesh.

We can thus deduce that they were not Sumerian deities but rather were the gods of more ancient peoples Utanapistim's. While Ea delivers the message to Utanapistim and can thus be identified with later impersonifications in Christian and Hebrew mythology , An is the leader of this Pantheon and the people of Surrupak worshiped Enlil. When the Igigi went on strike and refused to continue to work maintaining the universe, on the Shappatu, Enki created humankind to assume responsibility for the tasks the Gods no longer performed.

They were distributed through the Earth and the Underworld. They propose various readings of the word, two of which are "anu-na-ki" and "an-unnak-ki", that translate to possibly, "those who came down", "those who descended", "those who were cast down," or "those who came from heaven to Earth.

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Fundamentally, this may have been due to the Anunnaki's need for laborers to work the mines in search of gold and other Precious Metals. This suggests a deeper look into the study of alchemy and ORME.

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Another element of this view is the suggestion that much of human wisdom or religion was given to man by extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times. This possibility has been considered by some scientists, but the lack of hard evidence and the nature of the concept makes it unpopular among the scientific community. References: Wikipedia - Annunaki. All rights reserved.

Annunaki - A Thorough Explanation

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