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Fortunately, she quite liked the film, and her only criticism was of a hat actress Claire Foy, who plays Diana, wears in one scene. The real Diana noted that she would not have worn a hat like that.

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She was otherwise very moved and touched. In the early s, this was highly unusual. One particularly memorable sequence in the film shows the family vacationing in Spain, where a blown fuse threatens disaster.

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David accidentally shorts out the electrical system of the machine and the van. The whole party is stranded on a scenic stretch of country road and must use a hand pump to keep Robin alive. David rushes to the nearest town to call their inventor friend Hall, the only person who can repair the apparatus.

For 36 hours, waiting for Hall to come from England, they keep a roadside vigil that turns into an impromptu party, with the locals coming to meet them. The village priest stops by to bless them, people bring food, and some musicians even bring their guitars and play. Then, a plane and a taxi ride later, the inventor shows up and gets things running again to collective cheers.

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It sounds like pure Hollywood hokum. But, like much of the movie, it really happened. There was fire and smoke, and both the van and the chair ground to a halt. So we really had to sit there for 36 hours hand-pumping.

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But he put them at ease, as he did with everyone. Cavendish sees the film as a love story, but he knows that it also has an important message about people with disabilities.

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They need help. Tap Breathe, then scroll down.

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  • Tap Use Previous Duration. Tap Breathe, then tap Breath Rate. Tap to change the number of breaths per minute.

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    Adjust or turn off reminders Your Apple Watch reminds you throughout the day to breathe. Tap Breathe. To choose how often your get reminders, tap Breathe Reminders. Learn about notification options.

    Check how often you take time to use the Breathe app You can track your sessions with the Health app: Open the Health app on your iPhone. Tap the Health Data tab.

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    Tap Mindfulness, then tap the graph to see more. Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities. Ask other users about this article.