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I dropped into Anthropologie, where I was treated like a Kardashian by my personal shopper, Bailey. Adventures, like true love, can often be right under your nose. Here are a few more hot spots. Park It Glen Echo Park - glenechopark. Everyone loves a yurt. I wonder if squirrels like yurts? Our properties have sold in less than 3 weeks at or near asking if not, above. References can and will be provided. Zip code covers all of Southwest except Bellevue and covers much of Capitol Hill.

On Saturdays the museum is open from a. Anyone interested in either positions should contact barbara erols. The purpose of the Eastern Market Metro Community Association is to promote the civic interests and enhance the quality of life of residents of the District of Columbia, especially within the neighborhood surrounding the Eastern Market Metro.

SE, for the annual Hill Havurah candle lighting.

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Please bring your own Menorahs and candles. Refreshments are provided and donations appreciated at the door. Come for dreidels, crafts, food and fun! On the third Friday evening of every month at p. SE for a lay-led Sabbath service featuring song, prayer, community and spirit. This is followed by a potluck dinner. While many of the gift requests from each family are small, the demand has greatly increased over the last few years. Families have requested a few items of clothing and a toy or book for each child, as well as a household gift like pots or towels.

CHGM truly relies on the support of donors to help bring joy to the hearts of families in crisis. Monetary donations can also be made.

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To donate money, visit chgm. For more information, visit CHGM. Streetcar Update Meeting, Dec. Supplies such as used blankets, towels, leashes, bowls are most welcome and needed. Metro station maps will include New York Ave as a secondary name for one year to assist customers during the transition. All proceeds of the event will go to GWUL programs. Comedians Huggy Lowdown and Chris paul were celebrity hosts. Special guests included Congresswoman Donna F. If you have an interest in the future of the Hine site, you will not want to miss this. No reservations required.

If interested, contact the volunteer coordinator at or cvcvolunteer aoc.

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  4. Do not place your name on the survey. This survey is being done by the residents, for the residents. The necklace is sterling silver with a dark blue cord. Socks and Sandwiches is in its 9th year and still taking it to the streets! They need donations of socks, hats, gloves and long-john sets. They also accept monetary donations. The distribution date is Friday, Jan.

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    Anyone wishing to help should call Edward Deming Award The W. Edwards Deming Award is awarded annually to a government organization that demonstrates transformative training excellence. Since , Graduate School USA has served the DC metro area and is dedicated to providing training and educational programs in public service. Eligibility, criteria and nomination forms are available at graduateschool.

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    Deadline for submissions is Feb. Much of this increase came from senior citizens.

    Longtime friends and partners such as Mothers on the Hill, St. Hill Center. This coming weekend, from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and noon to 4 pm on Sunday, Scouts collect the coats that generous neighbors bring to the Troop Coat Drive table, located this year in front of the Home Health Care Building near 7th and C Street SE.

    SE is the Scout leader, and his dad, Chris Herman, is the adult leader. It is particularly dangerous for persons who are disabled by substance abuse or mental illness and may be unaware that their body temperature has fallen to the point of danger.