Corruption, fraude, évasion fiscale et croissance (French Edition)

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It produces investigative reports in the financial and business space. The investigations cover subjects such as greenwashing , neuromarketing and child labor. They also take on the diversion of public funds, tax evasion , lobbyist influence, conflicts of interest and information manipulation by spin doctors. Each episode of season 1 in also contained, in its second half, a portrait of a whistleblower. When the broadcast faced cancellation [ when?

Season 2 had five episodes.

Actualités économiques Septembre 12222

The report on tax evasion, broadcast in primetime following the Cahuzac scandal , was a critical and audience success. In season 3 the show broadcast regularly in primetime on Tuesday evenings. In season 3, the team for the first time produced an investigation specifically designed for the internet. Broadcast on Francetvinfo. Cash Investigation episodes are available online for a month after broadcast at pluzz. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Cash investigation.

Cash investigation Original broadcast logo. Retrieved 8 November Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved December 20, July 24, Cash investigation. Season 4 in French.

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France 2. April 28, June 11, Archived from the original on June 15, Progress report on the actions of the London and Washington G Summits. Progress report on the actions to promote financial regulatory reform issues by the US chair of the Pittsburgh G summit.

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The global plan for recovery and reform. Global Financial Integrity. Hamdani, K. Can Developing Countries be a new engine of growth? The India Economy Review. Reproduit in Eldis Poverty Reporter, 18 mars. Capital Flows to Emerging Market Economies.

Review of recent crisis programs. Jubilee USA Network.


Kaiser, J. Knoke, et H. Towards a renewed debt crisis? Risk profiles of the poorest countries in the light of the global economic slowdown. Occasional Papers South-South cooperation in times of global economic crisis. One Pager International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth. New Rules for Global Finance Coalition, coord. Press Release. A progress report on the jurisdiction surveyed by the OECD Global Forum in implementing the internationally agreed tax standards.

Progress made as at 10 November. OIT Organisation internationale du travail. Ortiz, I. What happened at the G? Initial analysis of the London Summit. Oxfam Briefing Note. Social Watch. Solidar, Global Network, and Eurodad. Doing a decent job? We see only money, not value, but money is only the representation of value in its universal form, namely abstract labour as measured in socially necessary labour time. It is a fetish to think that money is something that is outside and separate from value. The movement which mediated this process vanishes in its own result, leaving no trace behind.

Without having to do anything to achieve it, the commodities find the form of their own value, in its finished shape, in the body of a commodity existing outside and alongside them…. Hence the magic of money. This is important and not metaphysical gobbledy gook. If Marx is right in his characterisation of money, then we can argue that capitalist production is production for more money value and surplus value through the exploitation of the labour force. That means unless more value is created by the labour force, money cannot make more money.

Football Leaks: arrested whistleblower Rui Pinto agreed to help French and Swiss prosecutors

It is precisely in the category of interest that Marx reckons the money fetish is strongest. But he eventually retreated from seeing the need to replace capitalism with a new social organisation, to trying to resolve the contradictions of finance capital within capitalism.

In the s, Minsky contrasted his position from Keynes. The expansion of collective consumption is dropped entirely. The federal budget should be at least of the same order of magnitude as private investment, so that it can pick up the slack when the latter recedes — but it need be no bigger.


This policy approach is not dissimilar from that of MMT supporters. Minsky even proposed a sort of MMT job guarantee policy. The government would maintain an employment safety net, promising jobs to anyone who would otherwise be unemployed.

But these must be sufficiently low-paid to restrain market wages at the bottom end. The post-Keynesians and MMTers deny that profit comes from surplus value extracted by exploitation from the capitalist production process and it is this that is the driving force for investment and employment.