Domestic Chicken and Other Feathery Tales

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Tags: backyard chickens , chickens , gardening , hens , poultry , vegetable growing. Mar 4. This is Sylvie, a Speckled Grey hen with leg problems. Her troubles started last September. I noticed she rested in the grass for longer periods than the other birds, but since she ate and drank as she should, I paid her little attention. However, gradually, over the last few months she has gotten a lot worse. Aside from never venturing very far, she lies down to eat.

The other day, I was digging the vegetable beds preparing for the new season when I was joined by the hens. As soon as I lift the soil they dive into the earth, snatching worm after worm.

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They are opportunists, but they are also greedy and had barely swallowed one when another was stretched away from the apparent safety of the ground. All the time this was going on, poor Sylvie was resting her sore legs just outside the hen house. I decided then that I had to do something, and after spending some time researching, I reached the conclusion she has viral arthritis. I never give up. Since I have arthritis, I can sympathise with how she feels.


The pain is wretched, and aside from making the joints ache, it slows down other bodily functions making the sufferer feel lethargic and very sluggish. The warmth will help her feel better, as, I hope, will her remaining treatment. She is also on a course of aspirin, just a few grains, which I hope will help her deal with the pain.

Twice a day she rests in a tub of warm water and gently clucks. Either way, at least I will have tried. Tags: Arthritis , backyard chickens , chickens , hens , poultry. Feb Finally, after 6 months, Nicky has gotten her feathers! Considering she has likely to have spent first first two years of her life naked, it is an understandable reaction.

Nicky joined my flock, her retirement home having been a egg-laying barn hen, last August. She was in a state, and never allowed at the feeder, having to fight for every mouthful. For the first couple of weeks, I fed her separately, and then, having gained some strength, she developed her own method and ran between the feeders, extending her telescopic neck and grabbing a morsel before running away.

Inside a barn with thousands of other hens, all of which were bigger than her, her feathers were nothing more than a hindrance and provided the other hens with a means of holding her down. In order to escape the pecking, she would run. In the process, the feathers would be plucked free of her body. This would have happened over and over again. As a result, they stopped growing — a sensible solution. She is a tough little bird.

Twelve Utterly Bizarre Chicken Breeds

Even on the coldest, wettest of winter days, she would take a walk, unconcerned by the challenging weather reaching her skin. Feathers were for the weak! She did not like them, and even as they started to grow, plucked them free, leaving the downy feathers in piles under the bushes. Did she like to be different?

Did she not like her new outfit? Was it itchy? But they grew and grew.

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There was no getting away from the fact she was going through a change. It has been a confusing time. She hides in the dense shrubbery, staying away from the others and puzzled by her pretty, feathery appearance. For days, she would stand on the outskirts, waiting to be bullied. It never happened and it made no sense. Her world had changed. Finally, Nicky is one of the flock. She is accepted. She is a proper little hen. Her next challenge is the rise through the rankings. Tags: animals , backyard chickens , chickens , hens , poultry.

Feb 9. Ever few weeks during the last 2 years she has periods when she stops eating, and drinks ridiculous amounts of water.

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But the water does not go through her crop and it causes it to feel like a water-filled balloon. Basically, she has a propensity to sour crop, or at least something similar, and if we ignore the situation she will die a slow death. Sour crop is a yeast infection in the birds crop, and aside from having a squishy crop, the bird has awful smelling breath.

It will kill birds and it does need to be treated. Since Rhoda only has the squishy crop, and not the infection, she makes a swift recovery, so long as we follow our routine. Our solution is to open her beak and tip her upside down. We follow this with a couple of crop massages during the course of the next few hours, and then another tipping if necessary. Since this problem occurs regularly, she has grown used to our intervention and is cooperative.

Today, as soon as I touched her, water spilled out of her beak, and that was when she was the right way up! Yet still she carries on drinking. Now I know why the phrase bird-brain! The poor girl.

Stop Feather Pecking & Bullying

As a result of this persistent problem she has rather a saggy crop. Even when it functions properly it hangs down to her legs, and, when she trots, swings from side to side. She needs a bra. Yes, they do exist. What next? Jan Nicky, a hybrid laying hen is the smallest hen I have ever seen, more the size of a bantam, and she arrived with very few feathers, having spent her short life squashed in a barn with hundreds of other birds.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?: The Epic Saga of the Bird that Powers Civilization

Even though she is small, she is by no means feeble. She is a calm bird with strong legs and a determined personality. She is a survivor. Since she is featherless, she is at the bottom of the pecking order and has no place at the feeding stations in her new home. That is not a deterrent.

At first light, Nicky runs to the feeder, moving faster than the others to retrieve a mouthful of food.