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Our lawyers represent parties in all types of business disputes, including:. Our commercial litigation clients range from Fortune companies to small businesses, as well as legal and medical professionals. We provide personalized service, and encourage our clients to take an active role in determining the best strategy to obtain their objectives—whether that means taking the case to trial and defending the result on appeal, or seeking alternatives to court such as pre-suit negotiation, mediation, or private arbitration.

Hoover Hull Turner advises and defends clients in areas of employment law and employee benefits issues. Our focus is, first, on preventing claims against our clients by counseling them on compliance with federal and state and laws such as:. We defend our clients, in court and before administrative agencies, in disputes arising under these laws. We also represent fiduciaries, employers, third-party administrators, insurers, participants and beneficiaries in employee benefit disputes, including pension and retirement, health and disability, ESOP, and ERISA litigation.

Energy and Utilities Litigation: Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

Hoover Hull Turner regularly litigates matters involving local, state, and federal government, as well as utility regulation. We also counsel professionals facing disciplinary or other actions that could jeopardize their licenses or credentials. Hoover Hull Turner has extensive experience representing and counseling a range of legal professionals and their firms regarding professional negligence claims, disciplinary actions, and other issues that could jeopardize their professional licenses.

We regularly represent law firm clients in state and federal courts in the region. The Legal Litigation Comparative Guide Reject a genuine settlement offer and risk paying the price. ODCE enhances its investigative capabilities. Regulatory Investigations and Litigation Privilege: Proceed with caution. How long have you got?

Time Limits for Bringing Claims. Illegally Obtained Evidence: Poison or Antidote?

A Day in the Life of a Business Litigation Attorney

Children First: Mandatory Reporting. Supreme Court delivers key decision on possession proceedings in Circuit Court.

Energy Litigation

Children First: Preparing your child safeguarding statement. High Court takes firm stance on lay litigants bringing vexatious claims. Children First: Are You Ready? Reduce the risk of criminal liability: put anti-corruption policies in place.

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A First in Ireland: Anti-suit Injunctions. New White Collar Crime Package. Mediation Act What solicitors, including in-house solicitors, need to know.


Is the game worth the candle? High Court delivers a blow to warehousing by lenders. Banks Beware! High Court ups the ante on consumer protection. Stage is set for US watchdog to create first whistle-blowing millionaire in Ireland. How Much Are You Worth? Can you have equal rights and special treatment? Fraud: Turning the tables on the fraudsters. Litigation funding in Ireland to be considered by the Irish Supreme Court.

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Should search warrants identify the specific offence suspected? Modest damages for minor personal injuries. Can you refuse an invitation to mediate? Is the door now closed to professional third party litigation funding in Ireland?

Energy and Utilities Litigation

Waiving goodbye to privilege? Be prepared to back it up pre-trial. Resolving the Mortgage Arrears Crisis Vol. New obligations for online traders. For Daimler AG, we obtained a U. Supreme Court win that limits the ability of plaintiffs to sue foreign companies in U.

The Ninth Circuit had held that, because German corporation Daimler had an indirect subsidiary that did business in California, Argentine plaintiffs could sue Daimler in California for acts allegedly committed by an Argentine Daimler subsidiary in Argentina in the s. We persuaded the Court to reject that expansive view of U. Representing Dole Food Company, Inc. Dole had been flooded with lawsuits filed on behalf of foreign agricultural workers claiming harm from exposure to the pesticide DBCP going back to the s.

After a series of significant victories including appellate wins and the reversal of an early multimillion-dollar verdict, there remained only a single-plaintiff case pending against the company in a Delaware trial court. We then secured Second Circuit affirmance. The EEOC brought the case against Ford alleging that it violated the ADA by failing to provide a reasonable accommodation for an employee seeking to work from home because of a medical condition.

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The district court granted summary judgment to Ford on both claims but a divided Sixth Circuit panel reversed. The Sixth Circuit further held that no reasonable jury could find that Ford fired the employee for any reason other than poor performance. Overt Activities -October 17, How an Idaho court decision will increase homeless encampments on L.

Theodore J. Boutrous Jr. Richard J.

Doren and Scott A. Getting the Deal Through: Appeals -August 13,