Embracing the Light: Divorce Awakens an Inner Goddess

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The difference was what happened next. The purpose of your meditation was to meet our writing muse.

Kundalini Awakening Stories

Not only did I meet my muse, but what she told me rocked my world. Lisa: What was your response when your muse told you that you were writing the wrong book? Mary: I wanted to argue with her.

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I had just spent nine months preparing for and writing the book proposal and sample chapters. What did she mean I was writing the wrong book? My muse told me that the book I would write was about learning to love, accept, and trust myself again. Lisa: So part of writing the book was to go through your own healing process. What was that like? Mary: Excruciating and exhilarating at the same time! As long as I had healed whatever the issue was, my inner goddess would let me write.

Then I was allowed to write. Lisa: Your book is all about Goddess archetypes. Can you say a bit about what an archetype is and what the Goddess archetypes are about? Mary: An archetype is a recurring symbol, pattern of thought, image, etc. Lisa: So, did you tap into these Goddess archetypes when you needed help with your own writing process?

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Mary: Oh, yes. Lisa: Sounds very right brain! Which particular Goddesses helped you with what aspects of the writing? But depending on which part of the book I was writing, I would call upon the goddess archetype I was working with. Lisa: Can you share an exercise our readers might try that helps them access an inner Goddess for book writing? Mary: Your Meet Your Muse exercise works well for this. Otherwise, they can look to a specific Goddess for help. For example, the Muses were known for their creativity. You can find several different Goddesses on my Awakening the Goddess Within website with ways to call on them depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

When I was younger, it was very easy to slip into being manipulative because relationships and men are insanely easy for me to navigate - until I met the person who broke the mold. Took a long time to pick up the pieces afterwards, but eventually you find strength and own your vulnerabilities while being accountable and in control of your own happiness I'm almost too in touch with my feminine side and have learned to embrace masculine characteristics for balance, without being male-identified.

Thanks x Thanks x 5. Nov 17, But you can mix it up anyway you like. I always feel more femme after a soaking bath anyways. ETA: I would love this setup. View attachment Last edited: Nov 28, Last edited: Dec 6, Thanks x 7.

Episode 050: Embracing Her Feminine Power

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I took one of those classes as a kid, too. I'm about to be dining among this set again pretty soon. Nov 20, Last edited: Nov 20, Thanks x 33 LOL! Can we make this thread a sticky? I see a lot of threads that touch on topics like these, and I want fonts to know this is a collective thread for all things feminine.

I'll link some interesting threads on this same topic in this post. But first, quick question: since I have been incorporating these things I am noticing lots more jealousy from both men and women. I'm kinda freaking out about it? I'm just mind my business most of the time. Can someone help me out??? Will be back with links!

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Thanks x 18 Hugs! Thanks x 21 Hugs! Nov 24, So according to the quiz, I am a Sophisticate and the description was so spot on. As far as being feminine goes I've always thought femininity was power and I enjoy it. I've also enjoyed employing masculine energies as well in tandem with my feminine energy.

Last edited: Nov 24, Thanks x 8. Nov 25, I'm moving to a new city so I really want a fresh start! I want to work on curating my space as well as limiting my cursing and stop being aggressive. Nov 27, Nov 28, That video was really insightful. I used to do group dance belly dance and african dance, it was fun and I always felt more rooted in something, DF probaly.

Another thing, underpinnings aka underwear. I love, love love lingerie.

The lingerie addict is a great resource. She's black, too.

Reignite The Fire in Your Relationship…or Light a New One, #71

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