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Conrad comforts her, feeling both strong and needed.

One of Guest's more noticeable techniques is her method of beginning chapters without telling the reader who the focus is. Chapters 22 and 23, for instance, both begin discussing "he," but without telling the reader at first who the "he" is. In some ways, this engages the reader more because we must pay close attention to detail in order to determine which major character is the focus.

The pronoun-based openings along with the present-tense narrative also make each chapter seem as though it picks up immediately after the events of the most recent chapter about a particular character.

For instance, Chapter 23 could be attached on to the end of Chapter 21 without really changing either part; the transition is smooth. At the end of Chapter 23, Conrad lies to his father about the cause of the fight. Why he does so reflects on the nature of the father-son relationship. The real cause of the fight was Stillman's mention of Buck and his taunting of Conrad over Jeannine. We can infer from Conrad's lie that he does not want his father to know about his girlfriend or that he still has strong feelings over the loss of his brother.

Conrad is in a difficult position: he does not want his father worrying about him, but he is also unwilling to share information about himself that would make his father stop worrying. He is clearly a private person, particularly in his refusal to mention anything about Jeannine. Home Literature Ordinary People Chapters Ordinary People by: Judith Guest. Summary Chapters Page 1 Page 2. Summary On a whim, Conrad decides to attend an after-school swim meet one day. Commentary One of Guest's more noticeable techniques is her method of beginning chapters without telling the reader who the focus is.

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His brow is wrinkled, and his eyes are filled with sorrow. Something strong. And I want out of this dress. Standing, I turn my back to him. Knowing what he needs to do, I patiently wait as he slowly unzips my wedding dress and it falls to the floor. Stepping out of the center of the pile, I kick it with the toe of my bright-white satin heel.

Food Fight

It barely moves, the weight of the material no match for my shoe. Just like you survive everything else life throws at you. You will. I deserve them. When I spin back around to face Liam, his eyes are focused on the floor between his feet, his hands clasped together between his legs. Legs that are bouncing up and down. He hates it when I talk negatively about myself. He could at least laugh at my joke.

Try to make a girl feel good about herself. Hell, we used to take baths together when were younger. Before I grew boobs, of course. I hear the front door close behind him as I crawl under the covers and close my eyes.

The Outsiders

I have about ten minutes to get it all out before he returns. It had to have been going on for a while. How did I not see it? Unless I was at work, I was generally with one of them. Between wedding planning and social engagements, Garrett and I were busy. Kendra was right there with us, helping with the little details. Offering to take care of things for me when the end of the school year had me stressed out.

Watching her ride him was enough. I want nothing to do with either of them. I should have called them out when I caught them. Instead, I ran. My face must have said it all. One look at me and he swooped me up in his arms and carried me away, leaving his date hollering after us.

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My eyes were locked on the church as he drove past. Probably looking for me. Waiting to walk me down the aisle.

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To explain why I disappeared. But not yet. It was hard enough to get the words out when Liam finally asked what happened.

That was my answer. Plain and simple. And because he knows me better than anyone else, he knew not to push me any further. Not that I could have answered any questions if he had asked them.

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Tossing back the covers and tiptoeing out the bedroom, I check the peephole to find a distraught looking Garrett on the other side of the door, pacing back and forth. Holding my breath, I wait for him to back away. She left me at the altar, man. No clue, huh? Liam was just a high school jock back then.

He thought he knew it all, even if he had no clue. It was easy to get annoyed with him — while everyone suffered the strain of fugitive life, Ron complained more frequently and loudly than anyone.

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Eventually, in a shocking move, he abandoned his friends. His older brothers were all special in their own ways while Ginny was both the only girl and the baby of the family. With little enough room at The Burrow already, Ron always felt in danger of being squeezed out. These insecurities intensified when Ron and his friends were left holding the Horcrux.

Every time Ron saw Harry and Hermione together, it would validate his jealousy, spurring agony and madness that he tried to keep bottled up. Eventually these anxieties overwhelmed Ron and he became convinced his friends would be better off without him.