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In his calmer moments, Zerk admitted to himself that he had no evidence whatsoever that Trent Carothers was gay. Planning to seduce him seemed hopeless, an exercise in frustration for sure. Not that Zerk ever stopped thinking about the possibility! The question, as far as he was concerned, was not whether to try to seduce Trent, it was how to go about it. At work, Zerk had a reputation for being tough, and good at his job. He had few secrets from his colleagues, and his sexual orientation was not one of them.

It was common knowledge around headquarters that the big, tough-talking Zerk swung both ways, but with a definite preference for male sex partners, and that he liked it rough.


Zerk knew for a fact that some of the guys had even been known to joke about it among themselves, warning each other, for example, to watch out whenever Zerk pulled out a pair of handcuffs. The careless police officer, rather than some perp in custody, might end up being the one who got cuffed!


Zerk had been changing his clothes in front of his open locker, and he got a little flustered when the other man made his sudden, unannounced appearance at his side. Afterward, he knew, a wild rumor went around the precinct to the effect that the commissioner had admitted that he, too, was gay, and that he and Zerk got it on together right there in the office, imitating what the two models in the sex photo were doing on top of the desk! But, in fact, the commissioner was decent about the whole thing, and he and Zerk reached an understanding.

The upshot was that Zerk went right on about his business as though nothing had happened. Since the department had a no-discrimination policy, and was, in fact, trying to recruit more gay men and women as cops, and since Zerk was well liked by his fellow officers, it was really no big deal in the long run. Eager to make good and to prove himself on the job, he was rather neglecting his sex life, and was suffering considerable frustration as a result. He found himself resorting to nightly masturbation before he went to sleep.

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His consolation was that he seemed to be accepted by the other cops as a member of the team. And, because Trent was so obviously butch-looking and -acting, nobody suspected that he, too, was gay or bothered to confirm his increasing suspicions about his new partner and mentor.

With one exception. One afternoon, Trent was changing his clothes, in the locker room, when Alejandro De Soto happened to pass by. De Soto paused and gave Trent the once-over without making any effort to conceal the fact. It made Trent a little uncomfortable. I was just curious about whether Kostopoulos has made his move yet. Trent was rather disturbed by the incident. He noticed that De Soto and Zerk kidded each other, sexually, all the time.

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Both men had a penchant for gay jokes and teasing, the more explicit and outrageous, the better. Trent was tempted to tell Zerk about the encounter with De Soto to get his reaction, but he thought better of it. And Trent had plenty of other things to think about as he got used to his vice work. He still came away from the long nights spent touring the bars and baths feeling physically dirty and emotionally drained by what he saw.

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Shrugging, the two sadists lost interest in him and went on abusing their willing victims. Trent reported to Zerk, later, how disgusted he had been. Maybe he ought to just come out and admit to Zerk that he was gay. And Trent had to admit to himself that there was perhaps more than a little hypocrisy in the revulsion he claimed to have felt. All of this exposure to the more sordid side of the local gay scene, with its unrelenting emphasis upon sex, was beginning to get to him.

Good Cop, Bad Cop 57 Chapter Five: Experimentation Trent had been a practicing homosexual long before he became a college football star, let alone a policeman. He had had two gay affairs when he was eighteen. A buddy lured him down there with the promise of marijuana. This was much better than jerking off alone, Trent decided. The feeling of gratitude that Trent felt toward his buddy for having shown him the ropes amounted to a kind of first, innocent love. They got together frequently after that, always getting high first before they engaged in mutual masturbation. But he was wrong. At the time, Trent was already starting to grow into the impressive size he would attain as a man.

He was over six feet, gangling and awkward, but muscular, and the girls always went for him at the kind of parties where liquor flowed and inevitably led to pairings-off for necking and petting. Afterward, when the guys compared notes, smirking and exaggerating, Trent listened politely, but he still thought it was all a stupid waste of time and energy. Trent was somewhat disconcerted to realize that he often caught himself speculating about his current circle of male friends—trying to decide which of them he found the most attractive, and which of them might be persuaded, under the right circumstances, to engage in a little guy-to-guy sex play.

Am I gay? Trent thought.

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I want to try a variety of things. Within a year, though, he had formed a new homosexual attachment. This liaison was with a husky, sunburned, big-biceped youth who pumped gas at a neighborhood service station, and who pumped iron at a neighborhood gym in his spare time.

Trent struck up an acquaintance with the guy, who got him interested in working out with weights. He was older than Trent, nineteen, but not very bright. Most of the other guys made fun of him, although they envied his solid physique. One night after working out together, he went to his apartment with him, penetrated him from behind at his invitation, and fucked him to orgasm.

Good Cop, Bad Cop 59 He cornholed the guy regularly after that, but once again, the affair came to a premature end when his fuck buddy went away to a vocational school in another town to study automotive repair. In college, the pickings were better for Trent. There had been enough time for other young men his age to decide what their sexual preferences were.

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They were away from home and direct parental control, and, of course, there were also a few eager, though discreet, professors and instructors, who made good use of the pool of horny young males who were so readily available to them. Trent had a couple of physically soothing but emotionally unsatisfying contacts with his classmates before he was approached by the handsome assistant football coach, whose name was Dominic and who said he wanted to recruit Trent for the team. As the coach was leaving his dormitory room after their little man-to-man pep talk, Trent did what he had rarely dared to do up until then—he took the initiative.

He was no fool.


Trent threw himself into their rough-andtumble foreplay as they rolled about on the mattress. Then Dominic paused, looked Trent in the eyes, and with a strange, intense look on his face, he asked a question that would have far-reaching consequences for Trent. You know, when you tie up the other guy and force him to do things. Treat him like a sex slave. Have you ever fucked a guy? You got anything here to grease that horse cock of yours up with before you shove it in me?

His nine-inch fuck tool throbbed almost painfully between his tanned thighs as he anticipated taking this hot ItalianAmerican number up the ass. He was a mature man, obviously very experienced sexually, and Trent was eager to learn from him. Dominic put the condom on Trent, carefully rolling it all the way down to the base of his shaft.