Growing Together As a Couple

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It can be very important to discover your own interests outside of one another especially once you both retire and find that you have to spend a lot of time together that you might not be used to doing. Yes Caroline, It is important to have your your own identity and interests and to be happy and fulfilled as a person. Thank you for your comment.

8 Daily Habits That Build a Strong Romantic Relationship

I love growing old with my husband and I am pretty sure that he would say the same about me, I hope! He is in every single way my soul mate and I am so proud that we have been able to share this life together. If you have been staying together for all the wrong reasons to begin with then when you start to get older and see the relationship a bit more clearly, see it for what it really is, you might find that there is a much greater division between the two of you than what you would have liked to see.

If you are in it for the long term then you really did mean it when much of the better turns to the worse, but you know, you made that commitment and that is important to you so you will stick it out somehow. I had dreams of fulfilling all of my lifelong bucket list wishes with my husband but when he died suddenly early this year I felt like all of that was taken away from me. I know that these are things that I can still go and do but we had planned to do all of it together and now he is gone and it is too late.

I feel very alone and isolated now that my children have all left home.

2. Never Go To Bed Angry

I suppose that for so many years they were the glue holding the family together and now that they have gone it is like I have no real purpose in my life anymore. We have grown apart and I recognize this but the how to fix it part is not coming very easily to either one of us. In such situation it is better to tell the truth to your partner and avoid the falseness in love.

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When relationship start fading and you have no same interest. Every relationship goes through this phase. You stat feeling indifferent towards your partner. This happens in friendship and relationships. Thank you for your comment Ananthi. Yes you do go through phases in life, and with effort from both partners your relationship can be close and connected.

You can rebuild strong authentic connection with help from a qualified couples counselor.

Closer to God and to Each Other | Focus on the Family

No one should live with the pain of feeling indifferent or unimportant to their partner whom they love. Thank you for this article! My husband and I have felt the loss of the relationship we once had when we were newly married and even when our children were small. We have been through exactly the changes you described — reading your article, I felt a sense of relief that these changes and feelings are actually fairly normal! I now feel more motivated to accept the place where I am after 50, post-menopausal, more health changes etc.

Thank you! I am constantly hearing how couples just grow apart and end their marriage. I also hear how people were thankful their parents who fought all the time would get divorced. Even if one person is stronger in the relationship on fighting for their marriage. Yes Kay! That is my message and the goal of my work is to show couples that doing the work on your emotional connection is what enables you to stay happily together in later years.

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Building on the foundation of love, respect and always making each other priority. By commenting you acknowledge acceptance of GoodTherapy. Why did you do it? What can we do to make sure it never happens again? I've been with my SO for almost 8 years and we definitely aren't growing together. More like existing together.

Why couples grow together

In my experience, it was seeing character growth in myself, in my partner, and in us together. Together, we both became happier, more patient, more willing to sacrifice for the other which is not something we would have done as single or independent individuals , more supportive of each other, more considerate of the other, etc. As individuals, we simply grew side by side and were supportive of each other.

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  5. We grew in terms of career, interests, etc. Best summary is build each other up. Help each other grow in all ways and support each other through the lows. In every way, you go in the same direction and grow together as a couple instead of just individually and separately. This concerns me because I have goals and my SO just shuts me down. Cake Day.

    2. Recognize areas of weakness in your relationship

    Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. What does it really mean to grow together as a couple? Supporting each other's ever-changing dreams and goals. Continue this thread. Aren't you guys planning your future together? Learn more about Marriage Encounter from their website: www. The following is a short course that a couple can do in their own home — and do again and again!! Maybe having done this a few times the couple may be interested in inviting some other couples to join them in doing it. We hope you will enjoy doing this together and that it will bring you closer to each other in love.

    The five elements for growing together in marriage that are developed here are: please click the topic name for more info.