How to Get Clients Using LinkedIn

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He produces and share videos, ebooks and blogs that tell the truth about products he distributes. Does it sometimes anger manufacturers?

Build a Steady Stream of Clients in 30 Minutes a Day Using This One Free Tool | DigitalMarketer

Does it delight customers and drive his business? Ads that sell the most stuff are the most bold. Truth yields competitive advantage—especially online where claims made by sellers are outright lies or iffy at best. For example, what do your potential buyers believe—that actually blocks them from getting what they want? Jot that puppy down right now. In fact, take my free training and get started on the complete process to using the truth to your advantage.

Give clients a reason to listen to you, to care about your words—to pay attention to you. Tell the truths you are a little scared to tell! Successful social selling using the truth means helping prospects believe in a new, more useful point-of-view.

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A way of thinking that gets them what they want—more success. You see, your success depends less on how frequently you update your profile or how often you participate in Group discussions. Participation on LinkedIn is the cost of entry.

How To Find Clients On LinkedIn

Telling the truth is the force multiplier. There are no silver bullets. Good luck.

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  8. Let me know how telling the truth works for you, ok? Jeff Molander is the authority on starting conversations with busy people.

    LinkedIn = Search Engine for Sales Prospects

    As founder of Communications Edge Inc. He's a sought-after sales communications trainer to individual reps, teams of sellers and small business owners across the globe. He's an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network and what is today the Performics division of Publicis Groupe. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

    Did it grab your attention and make you want to hear more from the other side? The most truthful. Photo credit: Mobilestreetlife. One great way to get recommendations is to give them. Be thoughtful about who you give them to though.

    4 Tips to Attract Clients on LinkedIn

    You should recommend those people who you have experienced their services. Request 1 recommendation. Ask them to recommend you as well. The best people to approach are those who already know, like and trust your work. There is a limit to how many people you can request recommendations from at one time. I know many of my own clients have told me what attracted them to me on LinkedIn was reading my client recommendations.

    Leverage LinkedIn messaging. On LinkedIn, you can only message your 1st-degree connections and, within group pages, fellow group members for free. Create a quick video. Yes, you can create a video in just 15 minutes if you get out of the perfection trap.

    [Interview] How To Land Clients Using LinkedIn

    Smartphones have great video cameras which already has easy options to upload straight to YouTube from your phone. Just talk for minutes where you can share a couple of quick tips. Then you can upload your video right from your phone straight to your page on LinkedIn. Share your comment on 1 or 2 LinkedIn posts in your feed. Ideally, you should look for posts on topics in your area of expertise.

    This is a great way to network with people and add value to conversations. Look for discussions that solve the problems of your ideal clients. Ask for an introduction. You can search LinkedIn for specific job titles as well as specific companies and geography and LinkedIn will show you a list of results and whether they are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree connection. It will also tell you who you are connected to who is connected to the potential prospect you wish to be introduced to. So, who makes a great strategic referral partner for you?

    It makes sense then, to invest in getting expert help.

    I only have limited spots in my calendar to work with people at this ridiculous low offer. The link above will disappear when spots get filled up, so be sure to take action now and start to attract clients on LinkedIn while you can. Yoon Cannon helps entrepreneurs overcome your biggest obstacles, so you can create a thriving business and life you love!