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One highway in.

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One highway out. Surrounded by trees.

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Then, bullied and miserable at school, Christopher notices a collection of clouds that look like a face. He follows the face, and finds himself lost in the woods.

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There are elements of Imaginary Friend that are genuinely frightening: as the nice man talks Christopher into building a tree house — which, incidentally, he and his gang of friends pull off with amazing skill for a group of seven-year-olds — the real and imaginary worlds of Mill Grove begin to overlap, and the bad things that lurk around this town are gradually revealed.

Worse than the Wicked Witch. Worse than anything.

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Four legs like a dog. Or a long neck like a giraffe.


The children with mouths sewn shut. Christopher battles with sleep, which would take him into the arms of the hissing lady, and the residents of the real town start to get sicker, and angrier.

Reading this book alone in the house, late at night, I will admit to a thud of fear at a bump downstairs, and a rush to switch all the lights on. But there are only so many carnivorous children and menacing deer a reader can take before becoming inured to their terrors, and after a while Imaginary Friend drifts into repetition. Christopher and his friends — and the adults in the story — are well drawn, but Chbosky is stage-managing a lot of characters, and as he moves through the gradual disintegration of each of their realities, over pages, his story slows … and slows.

Chbosky also stumbles when it comes to his register. Over the course of the novel, this starts to grate.

Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky review – lost in the woods

Or something else. Something that hissed. Pretending and imaginative play also flourish, and imaginary friends are common companions to young schoolchildren. It could be said, however, that the imaginary slide show monologue begat the very real novel. The triumphant tone of this imaginary catechism leads me to suspect that its author has hardly appreciated its full import.

Classical names were frequently taken for imaginary personages by the writers of this time. Further, in each face, the line formed by the eyes is connected by two imaginary lines meeting at the mouth.

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The assuming a character ourselves, or the seeing others assume an imaginary character, is an enjoyment natural to humanity. His imaginary world was peopled by women with pale faces and luxuriant auburn hair, pondering upon the mysteries of the universe. Content related to imaginary 9 Imaginary Lands From Literature Nine imaginary places, described so well in books that they appear to actually exist. Words related to imaginary whimsical , fantastic , abstract , fictional , unreal , fanciful , hypothetical , theoretical , ideal , visionary , apocryphal , assumed , chimerical , deceptive , delusive , dreamy , fabulous , hallucinatory , illusive , illusory.