Love, Hate And Everything In Between: A Collection Of Poetry

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You suck. I hate you. And yet Somehow I'll miss you too. Girls like her were soft and easy to break. Lowborns always wanted glory until they realized the hard work it entailed. Darren had worked hard for everything, and a girl who tried to take that away? Carter, Non-Heir. How much ever they hated each other, fate ties them together. They only think. The only exception they know and they are sure about in the whole world is Marmite. A love-hate relationship defines our personal history with society, where the suppression of individuality for the sake of the collective good battles the notion that the purpose of society is to enable each person to flourish.

A conspicuous feature of cultural development involves societies teaching children the sublimation of unacceptable impulses or idealizations, consciously to transform their inappropriate instinctual impulses into socially acceptable actions or behavior. The paradox rest in the concept that in order for any person to flourish they must preserve the spiritual texture of themselves, a process that requires the individual to resist societal restraint, push off against the community, and reject the walls of traditionalism that seek to pen us in.

Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls.

You want the good guys on one side, the bad on the other. It doesn't work that way, does it? A Thousand Times. I would give him up a thousand time just to have you So dear, doll, darling, Why do I feel like I'm losing you? Tuo Etihw. As I claimed to be fine, my limits have now ultimately crossed the line. Slithering below. I reach my hand to touch it. My hand is now gone. The mind of the young is bendable, But the prize a child has to offer is not expandable.

Many children are told that life is what you make, But are not told it is easier to break. Hands grip my soul Slowly dragging the life from me A hole forms in my heart Leaving a space that can never be filled. Two lips hover over me. There's something addictive about it Seeing the blood flow. Her Majesty.

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She wears a crown but only in her games She wants power Because she's scared to lose control. She built a castle of broken dreams. Autumn leaves. Rain descends from the clouds above.

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The darkness looms, covers and devours your love. Leaves fall, die and turn to dust.

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Inside you is this burning lust. A desire to be free. To open your eyes and see. The death of the god of death.

Hera Lindsay Bird on Metaphors, Love Poems and Stewart Lee

My name, Thanatos, resides on all their minds. Death personified right into its living and breathing form, finds itself in a graveyard as a gravedigger, greatly confined. Keeping Score. I can walk into an all-you-can-eat buffet, and my brain will light up like a gambling addict's.

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Numbers running in my brain, neon signs floating above plates counting fat and carbs and sugar,. The Girl Who Used to Smile. I'm a Warrior. Easier to Stay Asleep. I've never been able to love myself I've never been able to cherish the small things about me I've always strived to living up to what people expected of me To what society expected of me. Crime scene Bodies open on the floor, bloodied hands, torn chests. Ribcage split open, hearts ripped out. We became a crime scene. Caution: heartbreak lies here. No yellow tape, just bodies on the ground.

Burial ground. What it's Like. Our Love Is Grave. Through the woods, Through the mist; To the place where we first kissed; See the soul, See the eyes; See the tears I knew you cried; Though apart, Not for long; I give you my last song;.

Alexander Blok

To Dust. I drift to ash, to dust, to sand; I found the fairest in the land; I was lost, and I was found; I was six feet under the ground; She saved me from eternal dread;. QUIET screams. Time is passing, still procrastinating. Dream so wild, yet aspects mild.

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One moment in time, A thoughtless rhyme. Thinking of you. Wake up in the nighttime, I see the stars. Twinkle Twinkle little star, now i know just where you are. This feeling's overwelming, I hope I'm just pretending. This feeling in my heart, it just keeps extending. Thoughts of You. Hidden Childhood. I've got a hole in my heart,It's where my childhood once sat. When I see more of what I lost,That hole just grows bigger. Maybe my problems can be,Rooted back to my old friends.

I had to let them go,. These Friends.

Look at my insecuritiesSave your complimentsI'll never believe them anywayCheck out my problemsWatch them grow asYou point them to to meI'm just a sad boyWhy aren't you tired of me yet? In Vain.