Naked Before God

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Her dad was seriously ill for five years, and trying to reconcile his sickness with a belief in God was understandably difficult. She began to struggle with depression, and only at the intervention of a counsellor was Mara able to begin what she calls a "gradual process of restoration". During this time, though, she kept praying and seeking God, journalling with words and doodles, and writing songs.

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It's the combination of all three interacting with one another that gives the reader an immersive experience, and creates space for them to consider their own prayer life and relationship with God. Of the drawings that accompany her prayers she says it has helped her to "access this childlike part in me that cannot fully come through when I'm writing or speaking, but somehow when I'm drawing I get this different perspective.

What Does it Mean "To Stand Naked Before God?"

The only word I can think of to describe Naked Prayers is 'authentic', which seems a little too Christianese-y for a project that's so cliche free. It really does feel like a glimpse into Mara's real conversations with God.


I will not be overwhelmed," one prayer reads. I will not be sucked into the things that pass away. Contact Us. Naked Before God. Pierre Eade.

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A Time of Judgment. Yet, there will come a time when all humanity will stand naked before God.

Living Naked Before God by Jerry Fite - July 8, 2018

I like how Job put it. After losing everything he had including his children, his business, his employees servants and his possessions, he tore his robe, shaved his head, fell to the ground and worshipped God saying,. To fight. To donate my time or money. To help others sees the value of their bodies. That includes understanding how sex might be used as a quick route to closeness but a short one to nagging emptiness. My embodiedness, femininity, and desire to be in deep relationships are all part of my sexuality. To deny any part of this murders aspects of my humanity.

And to recklessly embrace parts of this in disproportionate ways feeds a monster.

Standing Naked Before God

We are moral beings who have choices to make. Are we brave enough to admit that we actually make choices about our sexuality, or shall we sweep things under the rug? Christians contribute to sex trafficking in direct and indirect ways.

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I know that if we have more discussions about our sexuality and make more choices to embrace our sexuality, we will actively be fighting against using sexuality as a weapon. I will begin by fighting for my own body—to reclaim its goodness by the creator God. And I will not stop until I fight for others bodies and their goodness. Stacey Schwenker, a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, is a former advertising sales associate at Sojourners.

Being Naked

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