No More BaBa Baby Learns To Use Sippy Cup

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We know many of our customers do everything in their power to do their best for their family and for the environment and for many this has long included being mindful of waste and being sure to recycle. We know though that recycling facilities vary from area to area, country to country. See bottom of page for Babycup recycling scheme instructions. There is no Planet B. We need to take care of this precious planet of ours.

When it comes to mini cups for little ones, disposable shot glasses can be tempting but are a false economy. Not planet-friendly or baby-friendly. Leading dentists and orthodontists recommend an open cup to encourage sipping and be best for teeth.

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Let each of your multiples choose a different character, color, or vinyl decal for their cup. Try adding patterned washi tape to the handles to make each cup unique. I chose to buy different colored cups for my son and daughter. Around their first birthday, they were fully transitioned to whole milk.

My husband and I decided to help our twins make the transition to whole milk before introducing cups. We wanted them to get used to drinking whole milk before offering it in a cup. After realizing my son was not going to give up his bottle until all the bottles were hidden from sight, I decided to have a simple cup celebration.

One of my friends with multiples did a small celebration with each of her children when they gave up their bottle.

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It helped them understand and accept the transition. It had to be worth a try. We clapped and cheered, then read a book together. I let him know he could still have milk from his cup if he needed it. I worried at 16 months when my son was struggling to give up his bedtime bottle. I felt a wave of Mom guilt and began to play the comparison game when I asked the moms I know when their children gave up bottles.

Most were cup experts by the time my son was just beginning the transition. When I brought up my concerns with the pediatrician he smiled and told us our son will be just fine. I decided to let go of the guilt and let my twins develop at their own pace. The last thing you want to do times a day is bring multiple children their cup. Mine love to try to stand on a stack of books or anything they can find to reach their cups if they are placed out of reach.

I chose a specific spot on a low shelf where they can easily grab their cups when needed.

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Making their cups easily accessible encourages them to practice using them. Although sippy cups can be a helpful tool, there are cons to using them. The AAP recommends children learn to use an open cup by their 2nd birthday. They also warn against giving children milk or juice in a cup before bed due to tooth decay concerns.

They can also develop an attachment to their cup similar to a bottle if they are allowed to carry it around for security. This can also lead to an increased risk of falls as your toddler tries to balance walking while carrying a cup. The sooner you can get your multiples to begin using an open cup, the better. I prefer to use small paper cups.

They are just the right size for little hands. Check with the company that makes the bottles you use.

They may make a transitional cup you can try. It also helps if you choose a cup with handles until your multiples have good enough coordination to hold onto a cup without spilling it. Spill-proof lids are helpful, too. Because an immature swallow aka, tongue thrust can affect teeth alignment and speech development later in life.

Children with tongue thrust will also often have protruded front teeth. Orthodontists will often recommend speech therapy to correct a tongue thrust before placing braces, because if a tongue thrust is left untreated, the teeth will not stay in place after correction. I know, I hear you!

How to Teach Your Baby to Drink from a Straw

I am a Speech Therapist, but I am also a Mom of a baby girl. Do I give her a sippy cup?

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  7. You better believe it. They are way too convenient not to! And travel is so much easier too. Those anti-spill cups can go anywhere! Obviously, going without a sippy cup is the best option. Between the ages of months, your child can begin learning how to swallow from a real cup. It was easy for me to control, and it gave her practice with an adult cup. I also had the convenience of a sippy cup when I needed it. Both bottles and pacifiers encourage infant sucking patterns, and they quickly become comfort items that are difficult to get rid of after 12 months.

    By this age, they should have the gross motor skills to handle an adult cup without help, and should be well on their way to developing an adult-like swallow! How do you feel about straw cups? Looking at the foogo straw bottle sklicone straw and the klean kanteen sport cap plastic sport cap or silicone not sure as well as the life factory new straw cap version hard plastic straw My girl is 5 but has special needs. She is hypotonic, non verbal except with vowels and a couple of consonants mama and Dada and baba words.

    Please help. She is g-tube fed. When I try to orally feed her she tongue thrusts hates food anyway and has always been on a tube and getting her to sip water is a challenge. Hey, thanks for your comment! Straw cups are great! I have actually been thinking that I need to update this post to include information about straws because learning to drink from a straw is actually a great way to help a child overcome tongue thrust. For your specific situation, I would buy a basic straw bottle without a valve so that it is easy for her to suck.

    You could also use a regular cup and just purchase a pack of straws. The bottle is really only for convenience. Once you purchase a straw bottle, have your daughter practice with thin liquids water, juice, etc. Over time, as her muscles develop, you can increase the difficulty of the sucking by either using a smaller straw, or by using a thicker liquid, such as a milkshake. Feeding is very difficult for tube-fed children, so have patience. Progress will be slow, but you will see it over time. You can ask her opinion on this as well.