Once Upon A Time In Chinatown

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They have revived the lost memories of Singaporean life in a medium whose potential they understand intimately History never came brighter to us than this! A great way to show kids what screen-free life was like! Grandparents and parents can use the book to take children on an immersive journey of what life was like in the past.

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Nov Sales Ended. Event description. Learn about the vanishing trades and heritage of Chinatown with comic creators Tina Sim and Alan Bay!

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Once upon a time in Chinatown

About the Speakers Writer Tina Sim writes and translates. About Once Upon A Singapore Traders Can you imagine a world where cinemas travel around on wheels and letters take two weeks to arrive?

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The old caretaker who opened the temple for us, told us that there are now fewer than Chinese people left, many of them old and more at home in India. We had interrupted his afternoon nap, and he was little less than welcoming and after much discussion and hand gesturing he finally opened the temple for us.

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  • Once upon a time in Chinatown (Cultural ft Chinese foodie tour)!
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  • On the second floor of a two story building, there are no large dragons or obvious Chinese figurines that might mark this as a temple, except for some Chinese inscriptions on the door and building front. One enters through a simple yet elegant red and gold door on the ground floor and as you climb up to the second floor you are greeted by wise words of Confucius and other saints along the walls. The temple itself is also simple, with the alter, a large table with artifacts, markings on the walls and scriptures all in red and gold.

    It was a striking difference to the blueness of the mosque we had seen earlier.

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    The temple is more of a shrine dedicated to an army general and is an important place of worship during the Moon festival and Chinese New Year. No amount of fearmongering from media will convince me that heating my home is responsible for the well being of tropical sea life half a globe away. Once populous sea stars disappearing in B. Sunflower sea stars a….

    Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right: The Soft Focus of ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’

    I was surprised at how much I viscerally detested a total stranger, just because of the words on a hat. Why must they make it so hard on legal immigrants? Government will allow people to enter Canada illegally and provide millions of dollars for them.