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Terme de Physique. Action par laquelle les choses sont rendues semblables. Voyez Similitude. Premier exemple, Diderot. Before the two kingdoms fell under the sway of on sovereign, there was little printed any where in vernacular tongues. After that period, a kind of policy was adopted, though since found to be a bad one, for refusing any public encouragement to the Gaelic language, that the lower sort of people in the Highlands might be under a necessity of learning the English.

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The intention was to abolish the chief national distinction between inhabitants of both kingdoms, and assimilate them more to each other, by uniformity of speech. This, for a long time, prevented any publication of consequence from appearing in our langage. But the error has been at length discovered and now the Gaelic, by degrees, has begun to find employment for the press.

Autrement dit, la conversion religieuse est synonyme de conversion sociale. Beaud et G. Loty et M. Goulain, Rational du devin office , Je souligne. LeClere, , vol. XIV, p. Rey, , vol. Desault, Journal de chirurgie , Paris, Paul Dupont, , p. As the Commission does not speculate about hypothetical events, it is not able to provide an answer to sub-question 2. Oggetto: Tutela della basilica cristiana rinvenuta nel lago di Nicea. In seguito a scavi archeologici nel lago di Nicea sono stati rinvenuti i resti di una basilica risalente almeno al d.

As a result of archaeological excavations in the lake of Nicaea, the remains of a basilica dating back to at least AD have been found. Can the Commission therefore say whether and how it intends to monitor the preservation of the site by the Turkish authorities? The Commission follows closely issues related to fundamental rights, including freedom of religion and right to property. In this respect, on all appropriate occasion, the Commission also encourages the Turkish authorities to ensure full respect for all property rights, including those of non-Muslim religious communities.

The concrete issue raised however relates to culture rather than right to property.

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Oggetto: Progressi della Turchia nell'attuazione di un quadro legislativo per una maggiore tutela dei diritti delle donne. Per quel che riguarda la partecipazione femminile alla vita sociale, politica ed economica, le donne continuano a essere sottorappresentate nelle posizioni decisionali del settore pubblico.

Faites un don maintenant et aidez-nous à dépasser notre objectif du deuxième trimestre!

Si osservano invece miglioramenti nel settore privato. La violenza contro le donne rimane ancora un problema serio e diffuso. As a candidate country, Turkey is required to comply with the acquis communautaire and undertake to respect human rights, including those of women.

Can the Commission say whether Turkey has taken the measures called for in the resolution and, if so, can it assess the impact thereof? Can it indicate what progress has been made regarding the adoption of legislation for the more effective protection of women against all forms of violence, including domestic violence? An anti-discrimination and equality board has not yet been established. It carries out activities aiming to close the gender gap in economic participation and opportunities.

Women's civil society organisations and some local business organisations also made efforts to empower women. Regarding women's participation in social, political and economic life, women continue to be underrepresented in decision-making positions in the public sector. There is some improvement in this respect in the private sector.

Three metropolitan mayor posts are now held by women. There are a total of shelters for women who are victims of domestic violence, with a capacity of Violence against women still remains a serious and widespread problem. La Commissione ha annunciato oggi che saranno avviate procedure semplificate per facilitare l'ottenimento dei visti turistici a chi ne faccia richiesta.

In una fase storica come quella attuale in cui terrorismo e immigrazione clandestina mettono a dura prova i sistemi di welfare e la sicurezza dei cittadini europei, la Commissione:. Con quali mezzi intende garantire che le richieste di visti semplificati per il turismo non nascondano intenzioni fraudolente come quelle del turismo del welfare o, peggio ancora, il terrorismo? The introduction of simplified tourist visa procedures was today announced by the Commission. Given that European welfare systems and arrangements for the security of European citizens are coming under massive strain as a result of the terrorism and clandestine migration currently making their mark on our history:.

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How does the Commission intend to ensure that simplified tourist visa applications are not misused for the purposes of unscrupulous activity such as welfare tourism or, worse still, terrorism? The proposal, will facilitate travel for legitimate travellers, and prevent that procedures constitute an obstacle in themselves. The Commission has designed the proposals in such a manner that security concerns are given specific attention and that the good functioning of the Schengen area will be ensured.

According to the proposal, first time applications will undergo a thorough scrutiny whereas persons who have in a given recent period of time proved that they fulfil the entry conditions, incl. The Commission would point out that the common visa policy covers short stays i.

Oggetto: Fondi destinati alla Turchia in quanto paese in preadesione per il periodo Can the Commission give an estimate of the amount of funding to be granted to Turkey, as a candidate country, for the period? Dopiero pod koniec tego procesu wydane zostanie ostateczne stanowisko Komisji. The Polish Foundation for Science FNP is independent, both financially and in terms of its organisation, from public finance bodies.

Why is the Commission exposing such a reputable organisation to legal uncertainty, and possibly to the risk of financial consequences, when there are convincing legal arguments that establish that the FNP is not obliged to apply public procurement legislation?

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Are the legal arguments used by the Commission informed by facts that are, in a subjective or objective way, identical or similar to the facts in the case relating to the status and activities of the FNP? Are these arguments sufficiently grounded in ECJ case-law? When carrying out the audit, did the Commission exercise due diligence with regard to checking the experience of external staff employed to carry out the audit?

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In line with Art. In this context the Commission carries out its' audit activities including audits of randomly selected operations. For the audit on the operational programme co-financed by the European Social Fund PLPO carried out in , the contradictory procedure is still on-going. At present the Commission thoroughly examines all legal arguments, information and documents provided by the Member State including additional elements related to the Polish Foundation for Science FNP. It is only at the end of this process that the Commission's final position will be issued.

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Although each case indicated in the audit report is individual, the Commission is giving due consideration to the results of previous audits and ECJ case law in order to ensure the proportionality in its decisions and equal treatment of auditees. The Commission attaches the utmost importance to the professionalism of its personnel.

Up to now, no complaints have been filed with regard to the Commission's staff and external personnel carrying out audit activities in Poland. The highest professional and ethical standards apply to all personnel representing the Commission in the Member States and third countries. One should emphasise, in this regard, that Bulgaria was seriously affected in by the wave of refugees escaping the conflict in Syria. The basic amounts allocated to Member States were calculated on the basis of the allocations received for the years under the European Refugee Fund, the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals and the European Return Fund.

The notion of sexual and reproductive health rights appears to be interpreted in varying ways in international treaties and national legislation. Can the Commission provide an analysis of how Member States interpret the notion of sexual and reproductive health rights? The World Health Organisation defines sexual health as a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality.

Reproductive health addresses the reproductive processes functions and system at all stages of life. Sexual and reproductive health is safeguarded by sexual and reproductive rights. In the Beijing Platform for Action it is stated that those rights are based on human rights of equality and dignity and include the right to be informed of and to have access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of fertility regulation of their choice. Member States are responsible for the definition of their health services policy and for the organisation and delivery of health services and medical care.

As such, sexual and reproductive rights fall under the exclusive responsibility of Member States. The economic crisis has clearly affected the economy of all EU countries, but just as clearly, it has not affected them all in the same way. In light of the conclusions drawn in the quarterly review, is the Commission planning new guidelines to help protect the most vulnerable sections of society against poverty? Does it believe that more extreme measures are needed to relieve the difficulties faced by thousands of families whose economic situation has further deteriorated because of tax increases?

This is why reducing poverty is one of the five headline goals of the Europe strategy. It stresses the need for sustainable, adequate and well-targeted social provision to address poverty, alongside social investments enabling more Europeans to avoid the risks that can lead to poverty in the course of the life cycle. In particular, it is working on the definition of a common methodology for reference budgets, to support Member States in providing adequate income support.

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This includes food, clothing and other essential items for personal use. La UE no ha asignado fondos para apoyar las lenguas minoritarias en los Estados miembros. One of the features of European integration has been the knowledge that, rather than divide us, our cultural differences enrich us through the sharing of certain fundamental values which bring us together, such as democracy, freedom and respect for cultural diversity. These cuts have also had an impact on culture, especially in Spain.

For the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, the overall budget reduction between and was The autonomous communities with their own language, such as Catalonia, have also cut back their funding for culture. What measures does the Commission believe should be taken to prevent the crisis having such a major impact on the health of the cultural sector in the countries hardest hit?

Will the Commission consider bringing in a uniform VAT rate on cultural services in the different EU countries so that culture can enjoy a level playing field throughout the EU?