Passions of the Flame

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The entrepreneurial Wilcox tempted American star Marsh to England with a high salary offer, believing this would improve the film's marketability in the U. The gamble paid off as it became the first post-war British film to be sold to the U.

"Twin Flame Passion" by LIORA

The final reel of the film was filmed in the bi-pack color process Prizma Color. The wife of a wealthy barrister seduces her chauffeur, with whom she falls in love.

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She gives birth to a baby, apparently without her husband knowing anything about her pregnancy. The child is killed by the chauffeur during a car accident—he was visibly drunk when driving.

Passions of the Flame

The result is a showpiece trial at the Old Bailey , presumably of the chauffeur on a charge of infanticide, in which the woman at first tries to protect her lover, but is forced finally under cross-examination to make a dramatic public confession that the dead infant was hers. By the end of the film, she returns to her husband. Flames of Passion proved controversial with critics, many of whom found the subject matter lurid, sensationalist and distasteful. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Suddenly, three Gargoyles are courting her, and she's learning there's far more to her unusual abilities than she ever guessed.

The attraction to the three muscular men unnerves her.

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She's not sure how a relationship with them would work, but every moment with them fuels her desire. As she gets to know them, danger draws closer.

When she's attacked, Dante, Cael, and Thane sweep in and take her home with them. Dante, Cael, and Thane never expected their mate to be half Branal or to have to leave her outside the safety of the community. With Gobel attacks on the rise, their nerves are stretched with worry.

Passions Fire... - Poem by Cosmic Dreamer

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