REAL STORIES OF SPIRIT COMMUNICATION: When Loved Ones Return After Crossing Over

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My aunt sat with him all night. A few hours before he died he said, "Uncle Charley, you're here!

Top Ten Signs from the Deceased

I can't believe it! So I believe Uncle Charley did come to take Uncle Timmy to the other side, and it brings me great comfort. My brother-in-law was dying. She replied that no one had been in the room but her. He said that he was pretty sure that it had been his mom who was deceased -- that was how she would wake him for school. He said that he "had seen her leave the room and that she had long black hair like when he was young. In , I was in my grandfather's hospital room, holding his hand.

He had had five heart attacks during a three-day period. He looked up at the ceiling and said, "Oh, look at those beautiful flowers! There was a bare light bulb. He then had another heart attack and the machine screamed. The nurses ran in. He died about four days later.

He wanted to go to the beautiful garden. My beloved grandmother in another state had had a heart attack. While the paramedics were able to get her heart started again, she had been too long without oxygen and was in a coma, where she remained. Time passed and my child was born. And I did not see her, only heard her voice.

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We sort of chatted about inconsequential things for a few seconds and then I realized I could not possibly be speaking on the phone to her. She laughed her familiar chuckle and said, "Yeah, but not anymore, honey. I got up a few hours later thinking what a strange dream I had had. Within 24 hours of this event, my grandmother died. When my mother called me to tell me she was gone, I didn't even have to be told.

I said right away, "I know why you're calling, mom. My mother was born in and her brother was born a few years before her. I don't know exactly the year. But when he was a little two-year-old baby, he caught scarlet fever and he was dying. My mom, who was terminally ill with cancer, spent the last week of her life in the hospital. That week she would repeat, "I'm coming home. I'm coming home. It was a normal conversation, just as we would have. She commented on how I've grown to look just like her my mom , but that I looked tired.

How to Help a Loved One Cross Over

Needless to say, I had a sense of relief to know that the " visions " of her family were giving her peace and allaying any fear she had of crossing over. Back in , I moved in with my dying father. One morning I was making him breakfast and he seemed very upset. I asked what was wrong. He said, "They came to get me last night," and pointed toward the ceiling.

He got extremely upset and yelled at me, pointing at the ceiling, "THEY! Came to get me! From that night on, he wouldn't sleep in his room. He always slept on the couch. I would put my children to bed then sit with him and watch TV. We would talk, and right in the middle of our conversation he'd look up, wave his hand and say, "Go away.

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No, not yet. I'm not ready. This went on for three months before he died. He just wanted to say he was alright. One more thing. He died at 7 a.

How Soon After Passing Can a Loved One Communicate?

That night I was all alone in his home. I lit a big candle, put it on the end table and lay down on the couch and cried myself to sleep. Our loved ones really are waiting on the "other side" for us, and they really do want to communicate with us, if only we knew how to listen!. Seller Inventory AAV More information about this seller Contact this seller. New Book. Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days.

Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ Seller Inventory LIE Book Description Booklocker. Brand new book, sourced directly from publisher. Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse. Book will be sent in robust, secure packaging to ensure it reaches you securely. This item is printed on demand. Shipped from UK. Seller Inventory LQ Book Description Condition: New. I also seem to possess some of her knowledge somehow. A very strange feeling. Read my story above. Only last night he moved an electric clock ahead by one hour, taking the whole family by surprise.

Things like this are common around here—totally bizarre events with only one possible explanation—my buddy Jim. What I want to say about your situation is that just about anything is possible with this kind of communication.

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Be open-minded. Talk with her and she will listen. Ask her a yes-no question and a request to respond if the answer is yes. This ongoing communication with my friend, sometimes in real time, has changed my life. Your dreams are interesting and may evolve to a point where you can hear or understand what she is saying. I had a third dream about my mom last night where we were in her kitchen eating tacos. Although she did not actually eat anything in the dream, it was pleasant that we were doing something nice together.

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My dreams of her seem to have evolved from not actually seeing her, to seeing and talking with her while she is in an unatural state, to seeing and being with her in a more or less normal family setting. Food is always in the subtext of my dreams. Think about some of the other elements of your dreams and perhaps you will find your answer. What do you think? Hi Rajah, you can talk to her and tell her you love her — she will be able to hear you. If she only passed a week ago, she is probably not fully crossed over and receptive to what you want to tell her.

You could interpret that as her attempting to get through to you, to tell you that all will be well after this.

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Some people might see it as your subconscious telling you the same thing. So it could be a processing dream or it could be her coming through to you.

It just takes a total belief from you that it can be done and lots of pictures of them in the area. Choose one picture and enlarge it and talk to it. Many sources will tell you that they long to be with us, so they want to communicate with you as much as you want to communicate to them. You just have to believe you can do it and then do it.

Ask for a sign if they can hear you and then go from there. Just before i woke up i dreamed that i had found the stone moved by about 1 inch and i was replacing the stone with a piece of soap. Do you know what they do all day long? You pretty much have to let them decide what to do and when. That would be my suggestion.