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Sector 2 has a m span between the two piers and a 54 m high and m ship passage. The central piers that rise m above the ground consist of a base of reinforced concrete and a 98 m high metallic part, formed by a box of bolted and subsequently welded beams.

In the upper part of this last part are the connections for the suspension cables for the overhanging part of the bridge. The construction works were carried out beginning with sectors 1 and 3 on both sides of the river simultaneously.

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Once these were completed and the piers were raised, the work. El puente tiene 17,60 m de anchura y cuatro carriles. Los sectores 1. El sector 2. Las obras se llevaron a cabo comenzando por los sectores 1. Life cycle assessment. Specific indicators for Italy in impact evaluation; Life cycle assessment: sviluppo di indicatori specific per l' Italia per la fase di valutazione d'impatto.

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Masoni, P. Maria di Galeria, RM Italy. Energia; Scimia, E. After a brief recall and a short description of the LCA life cycle assessment methodology, the work is focused on the impact assessment step, discussing the state of the art and a critical identification of environmental indicators, of normalization and weighting principles for the different environmental categories specific for Italy. The application methodology to a case study concerning the production of butter by the Consorzio Granterre of Modena Italy is also described.

Viene descritta l'applicazione ad un caso concreto relativo alla produzione del burro nel consorzio Granterre di Modena. En la primera parte se estudia la democracia como horizonte e imperativo en las OSC. Energia; Scimia, E [Bologna Univ. South American are neither the most numerous nor preoccupant migrations for the Italian government. Maybe that is the reason why they are not the most studied ones.

However, since the seventy decade, South American economies- one day mainly receptives of inmigrants-, turned into emigration countries, being. Questa migrazione di riprese rappresenta una grande occasione per i paesi ospitanti.

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Since the end of the s Indian producers have been outsourcing an increasing number of film productions to Western countries, and this trend represents an important opportunity for the hosting territories. Moreover, from few years Indian films are. Belli, M. Obiettivo principale delle Reti Nazionali e' il rilevamento dell'andamento della radioattivita.

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Viaducto de la Magliana, Italia. Full Text Available This article deals with the construction of an important engineering project, namely the Rome-Fiumicino Airport motor road, which overcomes skillfully numerous natural impediments, such as boggy zones consisting of alluvial deposits of fluvial origin, lome soils, lack of space as part of this zone is occupied by the Rome-Pisa railway, thus forcing both lines of communication to run parallel to each other, etc.

The author describes in detail the wisdom of the solutions that were adopted in each case, as a result of a carefully study of all the factors involved in the attainment of the optimum solution. Fray Juan Rizi en Italia.

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Furthermore, the Italian journey of Rizi, that involved the last 20 years of his life, has always been an enigma, resolved only in certain aspects, thanks to few news supplied by his biographers and the manuscripts the monk wrote during his staying in the Montecassino abbey. Our recent discovery of 8 new canvases painted by Rizi to decorate the Saints Cosme and Damian's chapel in the main church of Trevi nel Lazio Frosinone, Italy, as well as the location of several new drawings in the Montecassino and Vatican libraries, will allow us to study his activity as painter in Italy and also to profile, with more accuracy, the history of the last years of his life.

No disponible. Argentina chiama Italia : Friuli risponde. Epistles, tales, novels and poems form a paideia which is thus constantly being enlivened, eveng among those who assumed Argentinian nationality or were born in the country. Of utmost interest is, therefore, the resulting literary corpus, representing as it does a renewed search for identity in the form of a dialogue with the world, extending itself well beyond the contingency of boundaries and transmitting the universal essence of logos. Complejo industrial, en Sparanise, Italia. Full Text Available In the neighbourhood of Saranise an industrial group of buildings has been built, which affects four distinct types of industries, and occupies a ground area of This industrial complex is served by roads, water, light and fuel supplies, garages, workshops, offices, etc.

The project was initiated by Pozi Ceramic Manufacturers.

  1. Bárbara Blomberg (Lecturas hispánicas nº 3) (Spanish Edition);
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  3. Oxford American Handbook of Critical Care (Oxford American Handbooks of Medicine);
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Care has been taken that the general architectural style for all the buildings shall be the same, and that the project as a whole shall exhibit a unity of pattern. Although the structure of the buildings is very similar, since all involve prestressed beams for the roofs, details vary in each particular case, depending on the spans to be covered.

A special feature is the roofing of the varnishes factory, which is covered with precast, V shaped units, made in a nearby workshop. These large units have been handled by a travelling crane, which has lifted them to their final emplacement. The units weigh between 13 and 14 tons each. A specialised firm made a study of the ground, and calculated the maximum permissible loadings. They then decided on the most suitable type of foundations in each case. En las inmediaciones de Sparanise se ha construido un complejo fabril, constituido por cuatro grupos de industrias diferentes, cuyos edificios ocupan un solar de Libera Informazione Geografica in Italia.

Dall' Italia alle Indie. Full Text Available The reception of the ius commune in the Spanish Indies is a common image in legal discourse. Coming from Italy via Spain, the ius commune seemed both to transfer to Central and South America and to reproduce there a legal system based on a dialectical relationship between the general and the specific.

This allowed legal historians to bring the radical diversity of the American world back within a spiritual unity and a common scientific and Christian legal tradition, and at the same time enabled them to substitute the previous narratives founded on the supremacy of the derecho de Castilla. The article reconstructs the stages of this transfer and deals with the discursive strategies used by legal historians to define the derecho indiano and describing its relationship with the ius commune and the derecho castillano.

Fatto in Italia : Refashioning Italy. Full Text Available This article discusses how the Made in Italy brand helped Italy to recover from economic recession in the s, but also how it redefined the country's identity after the traumatic years of terrorism and especially after the murder of the Christian Democratic Party Secretary, Aldo Moro, at the hands of the Red Brigades. In this period cinema as a form of artistic achievement declined, while fashion and industrial design moved at the centre stage of economic and creative success. The rampant consumerism of the s, fuelled by tax reforms that favoured a wider urban middle class, the retreat of unionism, the abandonment of collective bargaining in many industrial sectors, industrial restructuring with the consequent growth of black market economy in the provincial areas of the so-called Third Italy first and the South later, were all factors that contributed to a social and economic shift within Italy itself.

Commercial consumption, propagated by the proliferation of local commercial television networks, hedonism and a re-articulation of identity through appearance replaced the s' political activism and ideological opposition to fashion. Complejo industrial de Beinasco, Italia. Full Text Available This establishment consists of the factory, the general offices and secondary services. They are located near Turin.

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The office building and general services has two basements, and three storeys. The basements are mainly taken up with garage space.

The ground floor provides room for the technical offices, dressing rooms, washing rooms for workers and ancillaries. On the second floor the director and executives have their offices, and there is also a recreation room for the staff, and on the third floor are dining rooms for the staff and workers. This building has been vigorously designed, and is highly effective both in its formal and functional expressionism. We can also note the use of well-dosed lead additions in order to increase the lightness and transparency of coloured glass.

Manganese has been a very important element in the Siena workshop glassmaker colour palette achievements. On the other hand, the trace-element chemical fingerprint of the glass allows arguing what kind of mineral salts were used as pigments, as well as the way to introduce it in the uncoloured original glass.

Un resultado semejante. We conclude that the more autonomous civil society tradition in Spain, together with the particular political opportunities, under the pressure of a harsher economic crisis, may account for the differences we found. A dedicated session addressed problems related to RF breakdown and multipacting for space applications. ISBN: Una comparazione tra Italia e Spagna The collective action of precarious workers: symbolic production, collective identities, the relationship with trade unions and politics.

A comparison between Italy and Spain. In the last years, the economic crisis heavily hit all the Southern European States, exacerbating well rooted dynamics of impoverishment and precarization. In Italy and Spain, among others, social movements against labour and existential precarity developed and took the streets, receiving a high degree of media attention. In this paper we focus on the movements against precarity in Italy and Spain, in order to analyse their genesis, developments, and future opportunities.

We obtained useful information about the firing temperatures, the provenance of raw materials and the type of oven used. Microtextural observations revealed the presence of incipient reaction rims, phyllosilicate sintering and partial vitrification of the matrix. Aim of this work is a framework for the use of Augmented Reality in cultural communication, especially for mobile use.

Displaying additional contents to monuments, sites, works of art and artifacts, the AR helps to captivate users and to interest them to contents, into a kind of multimedia exhibition focuses on edutaintment and learning by consuming. Effects of cycocel on bud fertility and shoot growth of Italia grapevines Vitis vinifera L.

The experimental design was in complete randomized blocks with six treatments and four replications. The vine shoots were sprayed with cycocel at 0, , , , and mg. L-1, 60 days after pruning. The variables evaluated were: percentage of fertile buds; distribution of fertile buds per shoot sector; percentage of bud necrosis; weight, length and diameter of internodes.

Applications of cycocel linearly increased the percentage of bud fertility and the proportion of fertile buds between first and fifth basal buds.