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Fearing the worst, Ben starts wr Fox arrives and immediately clashes with her former lover Blair Underwood , who is the acting chief of surgery. City of Angels , network television's first predominantly black medical drama, centers around the professional and personal lives of the doctors and nurses at Los Angeles' Angels of Mercy Hospital. Actors: Blair Underwood.

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Videos of city of angels season 2 episode 10 swat's happening bing. Watch video. Author: Reanka. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. A gang called the Miami Boys brought the crack war up from Florida, funneling coke from the Caribbean straight up I to the Connector and into Zone 1.

The city used the Olympics as a chance to tear down Techwood and drive the Miami Boys out of town, and those who remained were pushed out when the Black Mafia Family moved down from Detroit and started running West Coast coke in exotic rental cars. While Bankhead has chilled out and now awaits gentrification, the Bluff is still a rough spot for a vacation, even if you're Jeezy.

Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs Announces ELEVATE: S.W.A.T.S

Although these days the violence has given way to more low-key finesses, like letting college kids move in and get comfy for a couple weeks before robbing the bejesus out of them. Notable Zone 1ers: T. This is the part of town that earned Atlanta its "Black Hollywood" nickname and was an obvious choice for a drug lord cum aspiring rap mogul like Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory, founder of the Black Mafia Family, to make his hub.

The highways supplied a direct pipeline to every major city on the East Coast and Buckhead provided plenty of venues for Meech and his rap buddies to put their proceeds into circulation. BMF members claim to be the first strip-clubbers to "make it rain," which was as much about showing off as it was a rudimentary form of money laundering, much like the Family's public front, BMF Entertainment.

Even though the record label only officially signed one rapper, California transplant Bleu DaVinci, Meech's largesse propped up the careers of a number of local studios and rappers, most famously Young Jeezy, in addition to ruining local nightlife for everybody outside the Family's payroll.

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After BMF set up shop and consolidated the city's drug industry, it was not uncommon to see car convoys of Day-Glo Lamborghinis commuting loudly between Buckhead's myriad bottle-service bars and strip clubs. Nor for those Lambos to cause an hours-long traffic jam as they all tried to stonedly park and unpark in the same lot. Due to a number of high-profile parking-lot shootings, the City of Atlanta imposed a drinking curfew on Buckhead, and the cops began looking suspiciously at all the guys with quarter-million-dollar cars and chains with the same three letters.

Abundant LIFE Church - "Where Better LIFE in Christ begins and We're LIVIN it UP" - S.W.A.T.S.

Eventually the DEA figured out that BMF entertainment was more than a record label with a single artist, and took down the whole operation, turning off the money faucet that had kept Atlanta hip-hop in diamonds. For some reason or no reason, this being Atlanta , here the Zones stop clockwising their way around the city and drop straight down from 12 o'clock to 6. Zone 3 is wedged between the highway and the train tracks running south down to Florida. Atlanta started as a railway town and despite trains being supplanted by planes and automobiles as elsewhere, the tracks are still a vital part of the local economy.

See, before it became a more general metaphor for life in the drug trade, the "trap" that trap music is named after was an actual, physical trap used to keep drug buyers from ripping you off. Or to help you rip them off; whichever angle you're playing.

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Zone 3's narrow, overgrown streets that dead-end into the abandoned railroads make perfect traps: one way in, one way out, no one for blocks to hear you scream or get shot to death. When we were filming Noisey Atlanta , Trouble from the Duct Tape Army took us to a Zone 3 trap house that was the only building on its block with a roof. It was seriously the set from one of those "after humans" shows. Once you crossed the porch, however, and waited for a person inside to open the door's bank-vault lock system, some ten guys were sitting in a sumptuously air-conditioned living room playing Xbox and doing bench presses with their guns in their laps.

It took me a second to figure out what was going on, but what the deal is is: That's their job. They were all "at work. The fact that a single drug spot can maintain a staff the size of a reputable steakhouse is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the Atlanta trap scene. Basically, when BMF collapsed it forced everybody back to the trap house to do it themselves.

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And not just drug dealing. Zone 3 is like the Silicon Valley of trap-made rap music. Of the four trap houses rising trap star Peewee Longway keeps in the various zones "like Monopoly" , his Zone 3 spot, the Lobby, is the one he always mentions. Even iLoveMakonnen and his weird little clique of home recorders are Zone 3 kids. It's the zone where shit gets done. Or maybe Makonnen's from here. Fuck, can't remember.

Elevate SWATS - Art of the SWATS House Unveiling

While the police zones aren't as fluid as the neighborhoods they overlay, they do change them every few years. One cop whose beat is right at the border of Zones 3 and 6 told us he's arrested multiple guys with crossed-out tattoos from when their zone switched, though this could be one of those cop stories. Like when the NYPD told the New York Post after the stop-and-frisk ruling that criminals were taunting them with guns in their hoodies.