Tapestries of Faith: SGLBT African American Stories of Faith, Love & Family

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Tapestry Of Faith

To read Nightshade before the event, get it at Amazon. Assassin, Bronwynne St. Just has a knack for finding trouble, usually in the form of a beautiful woman.

ShaashawnDial — soulshine

With an endless appetite for luscious variety, Wynne courts danger and pleasure from all corners of the globe. But she must wrestle with her own demons as she trades kisses and blows with some of the deadliest women in the business. Jeffrey King gave us the vision for this book during a community gathering and charged me with the task of birthing this book into the world.

I am honored to be among the gatekeepers for this project. Glover Lane Press is honored to be the publishing house to bring these stories to the world. Tapestries of Faith speaks to the often invisible contributions of African-American same gender loving bisexual and trans people to the Black power movement and the Black community at large and the richness of their cultural experiences and presence as a whole. Tapestries of Faith is filled with poetry, essays and prose that intends to sooth the heart and reawaken the spirit. Anthology contributors represent a wide range of artists ranging from journalists, photographers, performance artists, playwrights and more.

Among them are the distinguished C. Congratulations to author D. Read the Sistahs on the Shelf review of her book here. Winners will be announced May 26, in New York City. I did not come up through the traditional Disciples ranks. Bert ended up in my car by miscommunication. He had joined the Disciples under the delusion that our bumper stickers not doctrine! Church camp was a formative experience for me. I loved spending my summers at Tall Oaks camp in the Kansas City region. I would like to offer that I felt a call to ministry as a child and spent my life pursuing that dream.

I have never felt a call like so many of my colleagues and friends had as they have shared their call stories. Hollie E. Daily, as I worked my way through classes like Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and History of Christianity, I was inundated with tough questions; questions that challenged my context, my privilege and my assumptions. Dennis L. I do not think it means what you think it means. The sort of place that reinforces all the stereotypes of small, rural churches — conservative both theologically and socially. During my teen years, my growing passion for a deeper understanding of my faith was fostered by our minister.

By Dr. Mark E. I fought the Spirit all week when I read the lessons surrounding the question.

The Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance

The church needs to wake up on this issue. I really appreciate that. I have had private conversations with our GMP, I have broken bread with no less than six Presidents of General Ministries of our beloved movement.

Since I am not a Disciple by birth, I embraced the opportunity to learn more about the general expression of the DOC, and for the most part it was an enriching experience. We both had a daughter and son when we met in Both of us had to come to terms about our sexual orientation. We met dealing with alcohol addiction.

Plans have been in the works for months.

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My theological and ecclesiastical formation, though unknown at the time, began very early in my life. I missed my son. As children, both of my sons attended church with me regularly. She was about to be go before the commission on ministry in preparation for ordination and wondered if she needed to share her sexual orientation during this process. I came of age in a time and place in which there were virtually no resources for negotiating the reality of being a lesbian in a hetero-normative church. So much of our self identity is wrapped up in it.

From the day we are born and now even before we are born , we begin being socialized toward particular sexual identities. By Phil Shepherd, A. By The Reverend Patricia A. Or is it a community? Sometimes I hesitate to call the church a family because I have seen families do and say extremely hurtful and damaging things to its family members.

I would like to see the church function more in the Way of Christ than like some troubled families. There were several denominations over the years. I really enjoyed church, but something always felt not quite right. God Nerd. I was talking to a guy recently who has been coming to our church after a small group discussion we had about faith and sexual orientation. By Annonymous, for fear of losing a job in the church I have always been a tomboy. The boy my family never had. I wanted to be just like my dad. I followed him and learned to fix things, and loved to go golfing with him.

I never played. I just watched him and spent time with him. By Kara K.

For the past two years at the beginning of a new year of youth group we have done an activity that focuses on our words. It is a simple activity. By William O. Michael Mooty. He asked me to become the staff person of the Discernment Committee on Gays and Lesbians in the church.

I like it a lot.

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It speaks to our history. The theology rings true. It can guide us for a lifetime and then we will still be able to find new ways to live into it. It packs a lot into two lines.

  • New Release:Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing.
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  • New Release:Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing?
  • John shares how he has found a place to walk humbly, do justice, and love mercy at Downtown Disciples in Des Moines, IA. This post by Christian Piatt originally appeared on Patheos. No, I was not suicidal or depressed. In the process of deciding whether to leave my current profession, a college professor, and attend divinity school, I have been visiting First Christian Church in Rivermont Lynchburg Virginia for the past couple of months.

    During the fall of we at Midway Hills Christian Church were nearing the end of a very protracted struggle to discern the future of our fifty year plus congregation. Our faith calls us to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves. I was born in One night in I was sitting on my porch trying to have a moment I had been having since I was a kid. The gospel is a system of facts, commands, and promises, and no deduction or inference drawn from them, however logical or true, forms any part of the gospel.

    When I looked into her eyes, cradling her perfect little body, feeling her peace and perfectness, I knew, unequivocally, there was nothing this little girl could ever say or do to make me love her any less. At the corner of Kirkwood and Washington in Bloomington Indiana there is a church building.

    My husband and I are foster parents — we made this decision having no children in our home to become parents by opening our home to children whose parents could not care for them temporarily. Susan and I joined Lafayette Christian Church in when our daughters, Saren and Claire, were 9 and 4 respectively. My father died thinking I was going to Hell. How one deals with their sexual orientation is a very personal and private matter. I want to write about working with ministry candidates and graduates in a School that is open to LGBT students who then go to serve in a church that is not.

    I was the youngest of four children. I am a gay man who will turn 50 this year. Joining Franklin Circle has been one of the best things to happen in my life in a long time — and it was never supposed to happen.