The Bully (Bluford Series Book 5)

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Author s. Paul Langan. General Fiction. Darrell Mercer, a 9th grader at Bluford, is at the center of this story. Darrell and his mother move to the Bluford area in the middle of the school year. Physically smaller than his peers, Darrell quickly becomes a target for Tyray Hobbs, the freshman class bully. User reviews 2 reviews. Already have an account?

Log in now or Create an account. Life lesson. January 13, Overall rating. I love all the bluford high books. They teach valuble lessons there short and they have a very dramatic story board. This specific book teaches that you need to stand up for our rights. Even to a bully like Tyray. The main part of the book is how the main character faces the bully and what he does to do it. Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you? New School, New Bully.

August 15, Reader reviewed by Trublu93 Darrel and his mother had lived in Philadelphia all his live but when his uncle offers his mom a tempting offer if she moves to California, its hard for her to turn it down. After a couple of month into his freshman year, Darrel is transferred to Bluford High where he has to start over. And starting over has never been this hard before.

After just three days in his new town, Darrel has already introduced himself to the wrong crowd. Now Tyray and his buddies make it their mission to torment Darrel every chance they get. Darrel, always having been small for his age is scared and does everything they say in fear. He even has to pay his lunch money every Friday, making him have to pack his lunch to school. Tyray even gets in the middle of Darrels love life, telling Darrel to stay away from his girl.

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After joining the wrestling team, Darrel thinks hes finally mounted enough courage to take up for himself. But does everything go as planned? Like Tyray and his buddies arent enough, Darrels uncle also gives him a hard time. Hes always making Darrel feel small and weak, always criticizing him. After Darrels first wrestling match, even though he lost, instead of his uncle encouraging or congratulating him, he tells him he cant go on with matches like that. And hes going to have to get bigger and better if he really wants to win. Its all in good favor but the way he says it doesnt help much.

So with no friends, a new bully, and a nagging uncle, Darrel is set to tackle the first months of high school, all over again. This was a really good book. Paul Langan really got his point across. That bullying is a big factor in schools and the students are too scared to say anything about it.

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He wants the reader to learn from Darrels experience and to spread the word. Tyray is making him pay money to him all the time, he joins wrestling to try to make himself stronger to stand up to Tyray, and he's uncle is always making front of him about how he's so skinny. Aug 29, Mohammad Hamid rated it it was amazing. This is a great book to read i like it a lot. I think everyone should read it. I enjoy reading it. Apr 14, 4Georgia rated it it was amazing.

He writes a lot of great books. One of my personal favorites is "The Bully". This book is about a teenage boy named Darrell Mercer who lived an okay life in Philadelphia. He was a small boy, very skinny and not very strong. He had a lot of friends and his best friend always fought for him. Every time he got into fight or anytime Darrel needed somebody, he was there.

One day Darrel's mom decided to move to California.

Darrel was upset because he test Paul Langan is one of ma favorite authors. Darrel was upset because he was not only leaving behind his friends, he was leaving behind his protection.

Bluford High The Bully By. Paul Langan

When he got to Bluford high. As time passed on Tyray was pushing Darrel around everyday, taking his money, and embarrassed him and made him cry. Darrell got sick of it and had to do something about it. Darrell worked out everyday and ate lots. He even joined the wrestling team.

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As it ended, Darrel finally stood up to the bully. I love this book because i can relate to it. I know how he felt when he had to move to a whole new state. Growing up i frequently changed schools and always had to make new friends. I went Lidey Elementary for kindergarden and part of first grade. My mom moved the family to North Carolina so i went to J. Ingrum Elementary for the rest of first grade. I then moved back to Philadelphia with my dad and I went to Kerney Elementary for second grade. I moved back with my mom and i went to Frederick Douglass for 3rd, 4th, and fifth grades.

I then moved so i went to Gillespie Middle school for 6th and the beginning of 7th grade. For the rest of 7th and 8th grade i went to Charles Drew Elementary and here i am today for 9th and 10th grads at Constitution. As you can see i always had to adjust and meet new people. Moving to North Carolina was the worst. It was a whole new life style to me coming from Philadelphia. In North Carolina there are a lot of roads and a lot of yard space. In Philadelphia there is usually a small yard and there are a lot of houses.

In North Carolina there are no corner stores and everywhere you go you have to drive.

Bluford Series

In Philadelphia, everything is accessible. You can go to the corner store, the market, to school, and to the park and still be right around the corner from your house!!

Where i lived, it was old plantations. I was living in a remodeled house where slaves used to live. There was a lot of land because it used to be a plantation. We didn't have any washer or dryer. We had to hand wash our clothes and hang them outside to dry. I really felt good when i moved back to Philly. I hate being the new girl!! I don't like making new friends. Its a process.

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First you have to fill everybody out. Then you have to see what people are most like you. Then you have to get to know them. Then you have to earn their trust and they have to earn yours.

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  8. Its a lot! It is also stressful. Moving from place to place is not easy. I understand how Darrell felt when he left basically his whole life behind him.

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    I felt like that when i left Philadelphia. But when i got back i was so happy and excited to see all my old friends. In conclusion i like the bully because i can relate to most of the emotions Darrel felt because as you can see i have been in similar situations.