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His name is Lorenz Novembre. A former high-ranking Russian military official steals a group of ancient artifacts from a secret base in the Urals, ages-old Objects of Power rumored to belong to a race of beings pre-dating humankind.

'Stranger Things 3' is a blast: If you're a fan or newbie, here's what you need to know

A criminal consortium of wealthy and ruthless power-brokers bargains for the artifacts, unaware that a mysterious sorcerer in service to a deadly unhuman beast, the immortal guardian of the artifacts, are hunting down the Objects, called the Demogorgon Amulets. They plan to use the artifacts for terrorist purposes. Unknown to them, however, they have competition for possession of the Amulets from a wealthy, urbane clan of vampires, the Moon-Chosen, who want to put the artifacts to use for their own dire ends. Lorenz Novembre is assigned the task of stealing the Demogorgon Amulets for the DarkLink or destroying them, and to this end, his Section Chief has assigned him a squabbling team of mismatched agents and killers to help battle the competition.

Unable to trust his team mates, haunted by stolen memories from past psychic encounters, and in a running battle with an irreverent, homicidally-inclined demon, the sorcerer and his alien keeper, a tough high-tech band of vampire mercenaries, and competing Interpol agents, Novembre battles his way to the heart of the criminal conspiracy to possess an ancient power that could destroy the world!.

I was there? So well written that the reader will take a paranoia to real life when looking at government agencies and prior farfetched television shows.

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I loved it! Buddhism flourished, the Mongols threatened invasion, and The Devil walked the land with arrogance and impunity. Four hours before sunup? It wound through the forest like a predatory serpent. It slithered down Mudung Mountain hungrily, like it was looking for prey. The shaman, a tall gaunt man far too old to be out on a wind-fanned spring night like this, tried peering deep into the gloom of night, as if his strength of will would improve the sight from his failing eyes through the ink of night. He listened, straining to pick up, separate and identify every sound awash the forest and his frustration at the limitations of his senses aggravated him far more than usual.

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The forest was a ninety-acre diamond of land between a mossy bog and a cold, briar bush lined lake nearly four miles in circumference. The lake, like this wild and seldom seen section of forest, had no name. Both were in short supply in this backwater valley under the mighty Rock of the Winter God commonly called Mudung, the Throne of Storms. He heard the raucous yapping of a starving jackal and he tried not to show his growing unease. I just remember the smell being so distinct, so when I think of my experience on Stranger Things I think of that smell.

I was at the mall one time at some skin care store and they were testing lotion on my hand, but I still had leftover tan on my hand so then all the tan was coming off and it was so embarrassing. She was just watching all this gross stuff come off my hand! Did you do anything specifically in order to relate to that? My brothers are very nice to me, unlike Billy. I think that was a really difficult scene for her.

But at the same time it was really fun because I loved swinging the baseball bat. SINK: No, we were like best friends on set!

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We crack jokes in-between takes and stuff like that, but then as soon as they call action we have to be enemies. But once I got there and started filming I felt a lot better because I saw how supportive the cast was.

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  • That kind of gave me a vision of what might happen to me. SINK: I mean, a lot. TAYLOR: Child stars or young stars like Macaulay Culkin and Mara Wilson used to be a big thing, then there was this period where there were no massive, young actors and now it seems like again, we have a bunch of young actors.

    RUN From The DEMOGORGON Or DIE! (Fortnite Stranger Things)

    Joyce, aided by town Sheriff Hopper, breaks into a secret government lab nearby to enter the Upside Down and at last rescues Will. They only partially succeed, as it tracks down the kids — and the agents hunting Eleven — at their school. Eleven wipes out many of the agents before finally destroying the Demogorgon itself, but she seemingly disappears in the process.


    A year after the events of season 1, Hopper is protecting Eleven at a secret cabin in the woods after she managed to escape the Upside Down. Indeed, Will still feels funky from his time in the Upside Down, and in trying to confront the source of his unease he becomes secretly possessed by a new monster called the Mind Flayer. This shadowy beast also controls a pack of young Demogorgons, which Max, Lucas, Steve and Dustin discover after the latter unwittingly tried to keep one as a pet.

    Joyce, Bob, Hopper and Mike continually attempt to combat the Mind Flayer and free Will from its grasp, eventually getting themselves besieged in the not-so-secret lab by the young Demogorgons so long, Bob!

    The survivors reunite with our other protagonists, and Eleven makes a grand entrance and kills the Demogorgons. Note: She briefly stepped out to meet a long-lost sister, but in the end chose to stay with her friends and father-figure Hopper. The group learns from Will how to defeat the Mind Flayer, and Eleven and Hopper go into the lab to close the gate to the Upside Down, cutting the beast off from our world. But while the kiddos enjoy a monster-free party at last, the final shot reveals the Mind Flayer alive and thriving in the Upside Down.

    Young love! This brings us to season 3: summer in Hawkins!