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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Big Gold Brick recounts the story of fledgling writer Samuel Liston and his experiences with Floyd Deveraux, the enigmatic, middle-aged father of two who enlists Samuel to write his Director: Brian Petsos.

Private Snafu The Goldbrick

Writer: Brian Petsos. Added to Watchlist.

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Gold Brick

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Drama Thriller War. Drama Thriller. Jacqueline Oscar Isaac Anselm Lucy Hale Lily Andy Garcia Floyd Frederick Schmidt Gold Brick Head down below ground, then up inside the parking deck, following the blue wire. Gold Brick Melt the gold door here, then activate the claw switch inside to reveal the Gold Brick on the roof. Gold Brick Climb to the top of the building here and use a character with the stealth ability to pull the switch inside the small hatch, then jump back down to the ground and grab the brick inside the store.

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Gold Brick Walk down the small alleyway here, then blast the two silver fans preventing you from reaching the Gold Brick. Gold Brick Walk behind the chain-link fence on the left and use Mr. Fantastic to slip through the grate on the ground. On the other side, flip the switch to disengage the lasers guarding the brick on the right. Uncover it with Spider-Man to find a dig spot, then switch to Wolverine or any other clawed character and follow the studs from one spot to the next until you reach the Gold Brick.

Gold Brick Around a fountain here in Central Park are several bushes. Chop them all down within the time limit to materialize the brick. Gold Brick Switch to Black Widow here and flip the switch on the wall, then use her stealth and agility abilities to reach the Gold Brick on the upper platform.

Gold Brick Use a fire-powered character here to melt some ice covering a grate that Mr. Fantastic can travel through to grab the brick inside the enclosed greenhouse. Use Spider-Man to uncover the box containing the Gold Brick. Gold Brick Use a strong character to pull open the gray door here, then head downstairs and beat up on some Octo-bots to uncover the brick. Gold Brick Put out several fires here with Iceman to reveal the brick in the skate park. Gold Brick Stand on the switch here overlooking the street below and blast the targets that periodically pop up.

Gold Brick Pull a switch on the roof here to reveal a pattern in the lighting of rooms in the building.