The Life Cycle of a Frog

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Frogs lay lots of eggs in the water. Frog Eggs 4. They have a tail, but no legs. This embrace is referred to as amplexus and its purpose is to ensure the male is in the optimal position to fertilize the female's eggs as she lays them. Many species lay their eggs in calm water amongst vegetation where the eggs can develop in relative safety.

The female frog lays numerous eggs in masses that tend to clump together these egg masses are referred to as spawn. As she deposits the eggs, the male releases sperm onto the egg masses and fertilizes the eggs. In many species of frogs, the adults leave the eggs to develop without further care. But in a few species, parents remain with the eggs to look after them as they develop. As the fertilized eggs mature, the yolk in each egg splits into more and more cells and it begins to take on the form of a tadpole. Within one to three weeks, the egg is ready to hatch, and a tiny tadpole breaks free of the egg.

Life Cycle of a Frog

A frog's larva is also called a tadpole. Tadpoles have rudimentary gills, a mouth, and a long tail. For the first week or two after the tadpole hatches, it moves very little. MY BAG.

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Bag it. Life begins amid a clutch of floating eggs. Those that survive hatch as tadpoles, and then undergo a rapid change as they lose their gills and grow legs. Life in the water is grand, but these amphibians will soon take to land, becoming adult frogs after 12 to 16 weeks. Scientific Name: Anura Characteristics: Unlike the distinct stages that many insects cycle through, these figures show the rapid transition a frog makes from egg to adult.

Young tadpoles are often mistaken for fish because they move so quickly in the water!