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When the book opens, Zoe is on stage for her first piano concert with her step-brother, Lucas, when her concert is interrupted by the father of one of her victims. Just like that, her past explodes in front of everyone, including her Second Chance Family, with Chris her step-father and Lucas. The book starts strong. I was impressed too that the author wielded an impressive cast of characters and kept the tension increasing with each passing chapter, leaving me breathless.

A big part of this sense of impending doom I think has to do with Maria, and her desire to present the perfect family to the world. You know the type — the person who dresses perfectly, has the best house and a talented family that are good at everything they do — but underneath, nothing in her life is perfect.

We learn that Zoe has learned to play her mother like she does the piano — expertly. That combination of factors right had some amazing potential, I thought. But it goes nowhere. The magic of a new baby, I guess. Slowly but surely, MacMillan builds him into a major force in an unexpected way. That said, the book is lacking a POV on his part, and he could have easily provided more than Sam did. Lucas and Zoe save the narrative from falling apart completely.

The Perfect Girl is the story of how nothing and no-one is perfect.

Is She The Perfect Girlfriend?

People are just adept at presenting the perfect pictures to the world. Verushka is a word nerd and a geek at heart. She's got a neverending list of books to read and she loves it! You can find her at sydneyeditor1 as well. Thanks for sharing! I am a bit curious now.

I just finished a book where the bad completely outweighs the good, so in comparison, this is really good lol! Exactly, Kirsty!

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You should always show a great attitude towards your family, teachers, friends, and everyone you meet. Even if you disagree with someone's views or behaviours, you can show respect by refraining from judgement or ill-treatment. Accepting different viewpoints shows your maturity. You should present yourself to everyone in a dignified and elegant way that will help you receive the respect from others that you give to them. Here are some methods you can practice: [10] Always say "please" and "thank you". Never talk negatively about someone to others. Treat others how you want to be treated.

Create self-esteem. It is important to remember that nobody is perfect, and there will be times that you make mistakes, have regret, and find yourself in an "oops" moment.

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Making mistakes is part of being human. Instead of being overly critical of yourself, or bashing yourself to others, reflect on your mistakes, learn from them, and move on. Being critical of yourself should not be a part of your daily routine. If you say bad things about yourself to others, than you open the door for others to say bad things as well.

Develop strong values to live by. Values are the guidelines that keep you grounded and prevent you from making poor decisions. They also feed into your reputation and are one way that other people develop an opinion about your character. They take a lifetime to build, but they can be damaged in a brief moment of poor decision making. Listen to your parents, grandparents, or any person who is older and wiser than you when they offer up advice and insight on life.

They can teach you how to avoid bad situations and make the best choices for your life. Each time you are presented with peer pressure, or find yourself in a difficult decision making moment, remember your values. Do not allow yourself to be tempted with bad decisions that you will be sure to regret later.

Be mature. When trying to get as close to perfect as possible, a major component is acting responsible and being able to handle any situation that comes your way. This does not mean that you can't let go, and have fun, but you should also not make a fool out of yourself. Here are some tips to help you practice maturity: [11] Do not complain or whine if something does not go your way.

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Remember that life is not always fair, and you have to roll with the punches. Know what your responsibility are at home, at school, and to your friends and family. Mature people recognize their responsibilities and do their best to live up to them. This means helping out at home, being kind to your friends, and trying your best at school.

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Although you can't achieve absolute perfection, you can certainly try with iron will and a smile. Remember to be grateful to have the opportunity to learn. It may be difficult to learn that one subject, or be draining constantly studying, but knowledge is power, and it will take you far in life. Display confidence.

A girl that is as close to perfect as someone can get is a girl that holds great confidence.

Other people will see your high self-esteem and think that you must have your life altogether. Here are some great tips to help you act confidently: Hold your shoulders back and your head held high. Your body language says a lot about you, and having strong body language communicates that you are capable and in-charge.

Smiling is a great way to show you are comfortable in your own skin and glad to be alive, and laughing will spread joy to all those around you. People will be envious of your sense of humor.

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Practice humility. Even if you are as close to perfect as a person can be, bragging is not attractive. It is okay to feel proud of your accomplishments, but try not to flaunt your successes in everyone's face. This can come across as rude, tacky, and disrespectful. Feel free to accept praise, and do not hide the things you work hard for, but do so with gratitude and appreciation. For example, if you score the most points during a basketball game, it is okay to feel good about it, and accept compliments from other people.

However, do not go around telling everyone about that you won the game for the team. This would be an example of bragging. Give compliments to others instead of competing with them. When you notice someone's success or hard work, let that person know with a sincere compliment. This will display your good character, and it will show that you're not intimidated by the success of others.

Believe it or not, many confident people were once just as scared as you. Start out with eye contact and good posture, and gradually push yourself further. Yes No. Not Helpful 73 Helpful We've had good responses about our guide on how to stop swearing.