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And Simpson Creek, Texas, is the perfect place to do it. On the run from his dangerous past, Sam Bishop is happy to find a town seeking "marriage-minded bachelors. But when Prissy Gilmore catches Sam's eye, she proves to be much more than a rich match. Sam wants to deserve her, wants to become sheriff and protect her hometown—wants to be the man she believes him to be.

Yet the true test is waiting, when his past returns to challenge his future. Laurie Kingery. Angel Moore. Regina Scott.

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Jan Drexler. Lisa Bingham. Shirlee McCoy. Sandra Robbins. We'd love you to buy this book, and hope you find this page convenient in locating a place of purchase. As musical time and dance time are measured, so too is poetic time. This poet reaches out to all who believe that poetry begins in the music and the dance of words. He and his wife Helen live and work in Santa Fe. Softcover: 6 x 9 ISBN: pp. Originally known as Nacimiento, it was located on the northwestern edge of the Spanish Colonial Empire. It was very isolated and the people who settled Cuba seldom travelled to other areas due to the lack of roads and long distances between settlements.

As a consequence, Cuba retained many of the traditions, practices and archaic language of the early Colonial Period until the mid-twentieth century. Only after World War II did this village emerge from its Colonial traditions and begin to acquire more modern amenities and practices. Different from many other small towns, it did not change because of outside forces but mostly because of the actions of people who had been away during World War II and came back wanting what they had experienced elsewhere.

This book contains descriptions and photographs of the practices and activities of the people of Cuba in that earlier time.

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Several prior generations of her family also lived their entire lives in Cuba and surrounding villages. As a young woman, she left Cuba to pursue an education, have a family and develop a career. In , Esther and her husband returned to Cuba to manage the family cattle ranch.

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I guess you never know when a scary owl will come in handy. In a terrifying moment, they become part of the history surrounding them. Matthew Baca was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where his family has ranched and farmed since the first days of European colonization, and continues to do so to this day. When not living the country life, he can be found conducting research at the University of New Mexico. How these threats and dangers were met is shown through the adventures of two Mescalero Apache brothers, Crazy Legs and Great Star.

Learning that they share white blood because their mother was a captured American, they learn to reconcile two opposite cultures and accept a new way of life as more and more settlers move westward. In Great Star's words: " Order from Sunstone: "An Apache warrior bent down from his horse, its glossy black flanks still heaving from exertion, to pick me up.

As his hand grabbed my arm I bit hard into the flesh of his forearm.

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It was a deep bite and he shouted with pain. The other Apaches laughed loudly at his discomfort. He reached down again. I tried the same tactic but this time he was too quick. He jerked me upwards onto his horse and sat me in front of him. I fought like a cornered bobcat, spitting, biting and clawing.

He struck me on the back of the neck. A vivid flash, then darkness. Adopted into the tribe, he absorbed their culture and survived their eventual confrontation and defeat by American troops. He has appeared on B. A former news reporter and news editor, Mr. Gall is now a full-time writer. The resulting love and tension between father and son carries the novel forward into unexpected directions. Order from Sunstone: The author finished the drawings in this book in when the images were fresh in her mind.

Together with the story, they give an insight into what many artists were doing in the twenties and thirties, not only as an aftermath of the depression in the United States but as a lifestyle—a way of living creatively and artistically in an atmosphere more conducive than city life. Myrtle describes the adventure of moving to northern New Mexico where their skills and their joy in art and architecture rose to unexpected heights in spite of hard times in the economy and in their private life. Order from Sunstone: This book has a threefold purpose: to build cultural appreciation, to present workable art projects and to utilize inexpensive and indigenous materials of the American Southwest.

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This illustrated guide shows how to make interesting, educational and fun projects with and for children at the elementary level, ages 5 to The authors know their business and have carefully calculated each lesson—making sure that the procedures are directed toward a satisfactory goal. Their methods have been put to the test and the results are self-evident as one reads the basic and well-planned instructions.

Projects include a corn husk doll, sand painting, candle holders, tin craft, a musical instrument, paper flowers, and basket weaving as well as recipes, Mexican songs and dances and Indian games. Nancy Krenz has a Masters Degree in art education from the University of New Mexico and was an elementary school teacher for seven years. Her interest in arts and crafts stems from a need to provide an outlet for her children and she also found it good therapy for her one handicapped child.

Raciti Order from Sunstone: Five hundred and thirty-eight questions and their answers about the State of Florida from its origins to the present day cover such subjects as the Native Americans, the Spanish explorers, wars for dominance, the history of religion, politics, population, resources, wildlife and remarkable people that lent their imagination, hard work and dedication to the state.

This book was written with various readers in mind. Floridians will find this an easy-to-read review of historical events, and other useful information about their state. Then there are those visitors to Florida who may want to get an overall grasp on how the state grew from its origins in the fifteen hundreds to the present day. Those who know quite a bit about Florida may wish to test their knowledge and score their correct answers. Others may find that short bits of information can more easily be absorbed than pages upon pages of data.

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Although a native of Pennsylvania, Dr. Raciti spent most of his adult life in Europe as an educator. Raciti Order from Sunstone: Using a question-and-answer format, this book follows the development of Santa Fe, a city that lived under several flags before New Mexico was finally admitted into the Union in as the 47th state.

It is also about great leaders who knew the price of sacrifice and terrible tyrants who used their power for personal gain only. I simply wanted to focus on aspects of the life and culture of people who inhabited these lands and those of the people who came seeking fame and wealth but stayed to leave a lasting mark on customs, language, and religion. Raciti, PhD, has had a home in Santa Fe for many years.

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he has spent more than twenty-five years in Europe as a university educator.

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One of these "newspapermen," and the only living founder is Jeanne Toomey, a law school dropout for financial reasons. At twenty-one years of age, she joined the staff of "The Brooklyn Daily Eagle" and was sent to cover police headquarters, alternating between Brooklyn and Manhattan. What went on behind all those headlines?

With bail bondsmen, judges and cops, the only woman among one hundred men, the author was the envy of her female friends. When the reporters--she dated some of them--launched their press club, they also introduced the district attorneys and police commissioners to their hectic, alcohol-fueled world. Heartaches, passionate mix-ups resulting in sudden death, plane crashes, jail breaks, complex court cases--every kind of disaster--were daily fare for reporters in America's largest city.

Here is their story: uncolored, unbiased, bigger than life. Composing his poems in many forms, he matches form to content with unexpected and striking results. His book is the essence of a lifetime of thought-provoking productivity. Although not widely known as a poet, Dr.

Dechert served for several years as president of the then-nascent New Mexico Poetry Society and some of his poems have been published over the years in magazines and anthologies.