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In this period a child develops language and mental imagery and learns to focus on single perceptual dimensions, such as colour and size.

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The third, the concrete-operational period, ranges from about age 7 to age A preoperational child, asked which beaker has more water, will say that the second beaker does the tall thin one ; a concrete-operational child, however, will recognize that the amount of water in the beakers must be the same.

Finally, children emerge into the fourth, formal-operational period, which begins at about age 12 and continues throughout life. The formal-operational child develops thinking skills in all logical combinations and learns to think with abstract concepts.

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For example, a child in the concrete-operational period will have great difficulty determining all the possible orderings of four digits, such as The child who has reached the formal-operational stage, however, will adopt a strategy of systematically varying alternations of digits, starting perhaps with the last digit and working toward the first. This systematic way of thinking is not normally possible for those in the concrete-operational period.

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One shortcoming is that the theory deals primarily with scientific and logical modes of thought, thereby neglecting aesthetic , intuitive, and other modes. In addition, Piaget erred in that children were for the most part capable of performing mental operations earlier than the ages at which he estimated they could perform them.

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  4. Children with progeria usually die of heart attacks or strokes. Progeria doesn't affect a child's intelligence or brain development.

    A child with the condition isn't any more likely to get infections than other kids, either. Since the symptoms are very noticeable, it's likely that your child's pediatrician will spot them during a routine checkup. If you see changes in your child that seem like symptoms of progeria, make an appointment with your pediatrician or family doctor.

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    Your doctor will do a physical exam , test hearing and vision , measure pulse and blood pressure , and compare your child's height and weight to other kids the same age. Afterward, if your pediatrician is concerned, you may need to see a specialist in medical genetics, who can confirm the diagnosis with a blood test.

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    At this time, there's no cure for progeria, but researchers are working on finding one. A kind of cancer drug, FTIs farnesyltransferase inhibitors , may fix the damaged cells. Your child's doctor may prescribe drugs to lower cholesterol or prevent blood clots.

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    A low dose of aspirin every day can help prevent heart attacks and stroke. Growth hormone can help build height and weight.

    Diagnosing Progeria

    Physical and occupational therapy can help your child keep moving if they have stiff joints or hip problems. How do you define being underweight? What are the causes of being underweight? Psychological factors like in patients with mental illness or anorexia nervosa who refuse to eat adequately Irregular habits of eating and poor selection of foods leading to inadequate nutrient and calorie intake Increased physical activity without an increase in food intake Malabsorption due to vomiting, diarrhoea leads to poor nutrient absorption.

    If more weight gain is desired, daily energy intake may be increased by Kcal A higher protein intake must be accompanied by higher energy intake to build up the muscle tissue.

    Children brought up by two parents are more intelligent - because they develop more brain cells

    A daily intake of 1. Foods with high protein quality like milk, eggs and a combination of cereals and pulses should be included in the diet A high carbohydrate intake helps to meet the high energy needs. Sugar, honey, cereals, starchy vegetables, and fruits must therefore be included in the diet Although fats are energy dense foods and help to reduce the bulk of the diet, they must be provided only in moderation.

    Emulsified fat like butter, cream are better tolerated Plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals, nuts and pulses particularly sprouts help in ensuring an adequate intake of minerals and vitamins Supplements may also be given to combat any nutritional deficiencies after consulting with the doctor or dietician Keep it slow: As it is difficult to adjust at once to a higher energy intake, it is better to begin with the normal intake and gradually increase the food quantitatively and qualitatively.