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There's a Little Bit of Everything in Texas. Blue Eyed Elaine.

Brown began his career as a gospel singer in Toccoa, Georgia. First coming to national public attention in the late s as a member of the singing group The Famous Flames with the hit ballads "Please, Please, Please" and "Try Me", Brown built a reputation as a tireless live performer with the Famous Flames and his backing band, sometimes known as the James Brown Band or the James Brown Orchestra.

During the late s he moved from a continuum of blues and gospel-based forms and styles to a profoundly "Africanized" approach to music-making that influenced the development of funk music. By the early s, Brown had fully established the funk sound after the formation of the J. Brown continued to perform and record until his death from pneumonia in He also holds the record for the most singles listed on the Billboard Hot chart which did not reach number one.

Jesus is in my barn.

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Amos [laughs]. Keep your hands above your head. God dammit! Take her to the car. Bringing that little girl out here in middle of nowhere, in the dark when we got an escaped killer on the run? Swallow They told me they test your faith in Jesus. We got a real devil on the loose. Swallow Then Jesus will protect me. Boone What? Get some sleep, Boone. I gave him my kitten to take care of and he let him die.

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We should go and ask him. Swallow Jesus? Swallow I got what you asked. Is there anything else I can do for you?

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The Man Is there anything else I can do for you? Swallow You could tell Poor Baby why you let his kitten die. I know you must have a good reason. Swallow But you know everything. Please tell him. Brat Please, dear Jesus. The Man You want me to tell you why your kitten died?

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I told you he was just a feller. The Man Swallow, the world is a confusing place sometimes. Things just happen—terrible things—without you understanding why. Swallow Is that what happened to you? The Man Sort of. Swallow But I understand. And I love you. The Man Will you kiss me goodnight? Swallow I was almost killed tonight. And I knew you love me too. Amos Candy, Have you seen Swallow?

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Where were you? You got that dirty word tattooed on your heart and its always gonna be there. I realised something tonight, Amos. Amos Candy, I gotta go. Candy What do you mean? Earl I saw what happened tonight. Candy Amos was with Swallow? Candy You know the secret? He looked mighty like a man to me… a man on the run. Candy The killer? Swallow Poor Baby, where have you been?

Brat Maybe Jesus thought it was kinder to send Spider away. Poor Baby Is that why he send Ma away? And those whose faith is weak will perish with the devil. Test your faith!

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Put your life in the hands of the Lord! Who amongst you shall take up serpents? OH YES! OH, YES! Boone Where the hell are you going? Swallow Get out of my way dad. Boone My little girl! Boone Get inside! Boone I talk! Swallow We never even talked about ma when she died!

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And he loves me! And I saw cop cars on the road, and state police, and troopers. The Man I gotta run for it. Swallow No! Please stay. Now get out of here. Swallow I know who you are. The Man What if I told you that I spent the last five years in prison? What if I told you that I wounded my feet on a pitchfork just to get into the infirmary, just to make it easier to escape?

What if I told you that I tore up my hands climbing over barbed wire? The Man Would Jesus lie?!? The Man What if I told you that I did something too terrible to even imagine? Swallow I would forgive you. Swallow I understand that now.