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Hanover College United States History After Slavery Project Launched in by three historians working in the fields of labor, southern and African American history, the After Slavery Project seeks to draw together some of the most exciting developments in the study of the post-emancipation US South, and in particular to encourage and promote a gathering consensus among historians that this period can best be understood as an important chapter in American labor history. Digital History This Web site was designed and developed to support the teaching of American History in K schools and colleges and is supported by the Department of History and the College of Education at the University of Houston.

A Hypertext on American History A project in collective authoring, this hypertext covers the period from the colonial period through modern times.

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New Deal Network The NDN is an outstanding database of more than 20, photographs, political cartoons, and texts speeches, letters, and other historic documents from the period of the Depression and the New Deal. Outstanding example of what the WWW can become.

Oriental Institute Research Archives, Chicago Ad Hoc Excellent faculty-library initiative to support and coordinate those resources for teaching and research relating to the history of Christianity Yale Divinity School British Empire and Commonwealth Museum Shockwave-enhanced site that provides a "national forum for preserving, exploring and studying Britain's cultural heritage associated with the former Empire and today's Commonwealth.

An excellent resource. John Simkin, editor De Imperatoribus Romanis This Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors, an international scholarly endeavor, contains some of the most detailed biographies you'll find anywhere online.

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Johns Hopkins Duke Papyrus Archives The Archive provides electronic access to texts and images of more than papyri from ancient Egypt. Duke Eighteenth Century Resources Comprehensive collection of resources on literature, history, art, music, religion, economics and philosophy in the eighteenth century, defined as the period falling in between Milton and Keats.

Jack Lynch Exploring Ancient World Cultures An online course supplement for students and teachers of the ancient and medieval world.

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Evansville The Galileo Project Hypertext source of information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei and the science of his time. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook The third in a series of absolutely wonderful history resources dedicated to history students engaged in the study of western civilization, pre-history through late antiquity. Paul Halsall Internet Medieval Sourcebook A truly outstanding collection of primary sources in medieval history as well as links to Internet resources.

Paul Halsall Internet Modern History Sourcebook Excellent collection of primary sources intended to serve the needs of teachers and students in college European or western civilization history courses. Bill Thayer, UChicago Lectures in Medieval History Lynn Nelson's excellent series of more than fifty lectures Making the History of The Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe A substantial collection of high quality primary sources, multimedia interviews and lesson plans and document based questions for teaching the history of George Mason University.

U.S. History Sourcebook Basic

Trenches on the Web An excellent starting point for an understanding of the Great War, Florida State University Worlds of Late Antiquity A collection of materials relating to the culture of the Mediterranean world in late antiquity, c. James J.

O'Donnell Resources for Teachers Academy of Achievement: Museum of Living History This unique non-profit entity has sparked the imagination of students across America and around the globe by bringing them into direct personal contact with the greatest thinkers and achievers of the age. The Center for Teaching History With Technology The Center for Teaching History with Technology aims to help K history and social studies teachers incorporate technology effectively into their courses.

It may be that your Magnificence will be surprised by this conjunction of my rashness and your customary wisdom, in that I should so absurdly bestir myself to write to your Magnificence the present so-prolix letter: knowing as I do that your Magnificence is continually employed in high councils and affairs concerning the good government of this sublime Republic.

U. S. History Sourcebook - Basic

We found a place sufficiently secure for the ships, and anchored half a league from land, on which we saw a very great number of people. For so much as we learned of their manner of life and customs, it was that they go entirely naked, as well the men as the women. Their arms are bows and arrows very well made, save that the arrows are not tipped with iron nor any other kind of hard metal: and instead of iron they put animals' or fishes' teeth, or a spike of tough wood, with the point hardened by fire: they are sure marksmen, for they hit whatever they aim at: and in some places the women use these bows: they have other weapons, such as fire-hardened spears, and also clubs with knobs, beautifully carved.

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Warfare is used amongst them, which they carry on against people not of their own language, very cruelly, without granting life to any one, except to reserve him for greater suffering. When they go to war, they take their women with them, not that these may fight, but because they carry behind them their worldly goods, for a woman carries on her back for thirty or forty leagues a load which no man could bear: as we have many times seen them do.

Many are the varieties of tongues: for in every leagues we found a change of language, so that they are not understandable each to the other.

The manner of their living is very barbarous, for they do not eat at certain hours, and as often-times as they will: and it is not much of a boon to them [note 9: I have translated "et non si da loro molto" as "it is not much of a boon to them,. They are a people smooth and clean of body, because of so continually washing themselves as they do.

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In fine, they live and are contended with that which nature gives them. The wealth that we enjoy in this our Europe and elsewhere, such as gold, jewels, pearls, and other riches, they hold as nothing; and although they have them in their own lands, they do not labour to obtain them, nor do they value them. They are liberal in giving, for it is rarely they deny you anything: and on the other hand, liberal in asking, when they shew themselves your friends.

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When they die, they use divers manners of obsequies, and some they bury with water and victuals at their heads: thinking that they shall have whereof to eat: they have not nor do they use ceremonies of torches nor of lamentation.