Un Ballo in Maschera (Italian Edition)

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A new version, now changed to the name of Gustavo III again, was sent to the impressario of Teatro Apollo, Jacovacci, and although Jacovacci warned of many changes from the censors, in fact the only main change was the location to be switched to outside Europe.

With Boston selected, a new version was worked out by Verdi and Somma that was now based on Una Vendetta in domino. The opera was now called Un ballo in maschera and also featured different character names. The version was given the green light, and in , it was curtain up Riccardo, the Earl of Warwick and Governor of Boston is particularly pleased that Amelia the wife of his secretary, friend and confidante, Renato is a guest - despite Renato, Riccardo is secretly in love with Amelia.

Riccardo's mood is dampened by warnings of a conspiracy against him, although he brushes off such claims. A complaint is brought to Riccardo concerning a fortune teller, Ulrica, who is accused of witchcraft.

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Riccardo's page, Oscar defends Ulrica, and determined to see for himself, Riccardo arranges for himself and a group of court members to visit Ulrica incognito. Disguised as a fisherman, Riccardo spies Amelia paying a visit to Ulrica, lamenting her love for the Earl and requesting a way to a peaceful heart.

Ulrica tells her to obtain a herb that contains special powers. After Amelia has left, Riccardo requests to have his fortune told by Ulrica.

Un ballo in maschera by Verdi, New York 1963 (2CDs Definitive Edition)

She obliges, but warns him that he will meet death at the fingers of the next man to shake him by the hand. It's Renato. The ominous warning is not helped after Riccardo meets Amelia on the outskirts of town. After both express their love for each other, Riccardo is met by Renato who warns him that the conspirators are on his heels. Riccardo asks Renato to escort the disguised and veiled Amelia back into town, but during a tussle with the conspirators, Amelia's veil comes away - leading Renato to assume that Riccardo and Amelia are in love with each other.

A furious Renato threatens to kill his wife, but after Amelia pleads her innocence, Renato's murderous intentions turn towards his former friend. Along with the leaders of the conspiracy, Samuel and Tom, Renato arranges the assassination of Riccardo at the masked ball. After drawing lots, Renato is to be the chosen killer. As the ball takes place, Riccardo renounces his love for Amelia and arranges to send her and Renato to England. It's too late for Riccardo though, as Renato stabs him.

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As his life ebbs away, Riccardo tells Renato that Amelia had been faithful to her marriage vows and had not acted upon her feelings. Saying goodbye to his friends and country, and even pardoning the plotters, Riccardo dies. It includes many of the themes prevalent in Verdi's works. There is the doomed love affair - in this case, Riccardo's feelings for his friend's wife result in his untimely demise. Following on from this, it's a fatal misunderstanding on Renato's part that causes him to commit the act of murder.

Convinced that his master is to embark on a love affair with Amelia, he is resolved to kill him in cold blood - the irony is, however, that Riccardo is actually putting his feelings for Amelia aside, as he plans to send both Amelia and Renato away.

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It's that typical human passion that again manifests itself in Un ballo in maschera. Riccardo's nobility in that he has to do the right thing, both as a ruler and as a friend. It's another play that ends in a climax worthy of Shakespeare. Misunderstandings and jealousy result in the loss of life that could have been avoided. It's all the more poignant when Riccardo pardons not only his conspirators, but says goodbye to his friends. Musically, there are one or two innovations on Verdi's part. Specifically, two of the characters are given unusual singing ranges. It aimed to promote Chinese cultures to the world.

In , He made his debut as Dr. Svetla Vassileva Svetla Vassileva was born in Bulgaria. A Chinese soprano based in Italy, Ms. She has also sang in by Puccini, and she has played more than performances of this opera around the world. SUN Xiuwei is one of the active Chinese operatic singers worldwide. He won several international singing competition including the Glinka , Mario del Monaco , Luciano Pavarotti , I Cestelli His wide repertoire includes above all the leading Verdi, Verismo and Russian Opera roles. This baritone collaborates with conductors like D.

Oren, J. Conlon, V.

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    Steinberg and stage directors like M. Zambello, A.

    Tarkovsky, H. Brockhaus etc. He recorded for Chandos three S. Anna Maria Chiuri Anna Maria Chiuri has been internationally acclaimed as a true dramatic mezzo-soprano. Her colourful voice and charismatic presence have given vigour to the Verdi roles of Amneris, Azucena, Eboli, Preziosilla, Mrs. Wake-Walker, Mahler's 4 th Symphony conducted by M. Ciampa and directed by H. Frizza and directed by F. Quickly in Falstaff conducted by Z.

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    Noseda; La fille du Regiment conducted by K. Wilson and directed by P. Di Stefano. Damiana Mizzi Italian soprano Damiana Mizzi began her musical training at the age of eight, studying piano. Rossini, Nannetta in Falstaff by G. Pergolesi and G. Damiana is very active in the world of contemporary music, performing regularly with many important composers such as M.

    She collaborated with Nuova Consonanza Festival in Rome, singing premieres of many composers. Additionally, she appeared in concert on a sacred repertoire with Fabio Biondi and Europa Galante in Spain, and in chamber music concerts on contemporary repertoire. In November , she won second prize for vocal music bel canto performance at the 11 th Chinese Golden Bell Awards; the first prize and special award in Renato Brunson International Vocal Competition; in July , she won second prize with absence of the first prize in V.


    He was repeatedly invited by opera houses to take part in concerts. He also studied at the famous tenor Carreras International Vocal Master Class and appeared at the report-back concert of outstanding singers. At the Central Conservatory of Music he studied under the guidance of Prof. LI Xinchang, singer and educator of vocal music. Then he went to Germany and furthered his vocal study with renowned baritone Wolfgang Brendel and studied Lied with Helmut Deutsch.

    He has also been invited to sing in concerts and operas around Europe. Soloist with China National Opera House, GUAN is a familiar figure at domestic and international opera stages for his comprehensive singing techniques, fine tensility and flexibility. Established in March , the orchestra consists of highly accomplished musicians from around the world, who perform in more than a dozen opera productions presented by its home venue each year as well as in ballets and regular orchestral concerts in its own season.

    With a notably busy schedule, the young ensemble has fast established itself as one of the most adventurous and dynamic orchestras in the country. The NCPA Orchestra demonstrates an abiding commitment to the highest levels of artistic excellence and takes pride in its long-term collaborations with the finest musicians of our time.

    In its own orchestral concert season, the orchestra has consistently presented creative and diverse programmes.