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Michael Connelly himself was a risk taker who alternated success with failure in his pursuit of a career.

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Connelly's mother was a fan of crime fiction and introduced her son to the world of mystery novels. Thomas Aquinas High School. Connelly was curious and decided to investigate and found that the object was a gun wrapped in a towel.

L'Oiseau des ténèbres

After putting the gun back, he followed the man to a bar and left to go home to tell his father. Later that night, he brought the police down to the bar, but the man was already gone. There, he covered the crime beat during the South Florida cocaine wars, an era that brought with it much violence and murder. He stayed with the paper for a few years and in , he and two other reporters spent several months interviewing survivors of the Delta Flight plane crash, a story which earned Connelly a place as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. The honor also brought Connelly a job as a crime reporter at the Los Angeles Times.

He moved to California in with his wife Linda McCaleb, whom he met while in college and married in April Connelly even got the manager of the building to promise a phone call in case the apartment ever became available.

Ten years later, the manager tracked Connelly down and he decided to rent the place. After three years at the Los Angeles Times , Connelly wrote his first published novel The Black Echo , after previously writing two unfinished novels that he had not attempted to get published.

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The book is partly based on a true crime and is the first one featuring Connelly's primary recurring character, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch, a man that, according to Connelly, shares few similarities with the author himself. Connelly describes his own work as a big canvas with all the characters of his books floating across it as currents on a painting. Sometime they are bound to collide creating cross currents. This is something that Connelly himself creates by bringing back characters from previous books and letting them play a part in books written five or six years after first being introduced.

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Connelly went on to write three more novels about Detective Bosch President Bill Clinton came out of a bookstore carrying a copy of The Concrete Blonde in front of the waiting cameras. According to Connelly, it was a big honor to have such a famous fan and a meeting was set up between the two at the Los Angeles Airport. After giving up his job as a crime reporter, Connelly was worried that he was going to lose the connections he had built with the LAPD.

The stories told by the police officers had served as a great source of information and inspiration for most of his books. But somehow his bond with the Department grew even stronger and the reason for this might be the fact that even though Connelly has been writing about a corrupt and incompetent organization, Bosch has always been portrayed as a good guy.

Michael Connelly | International Rights

Connelly thinks that many police officers identify with Bosch and the fact that his books are fiction leaves no reason for anyone to get upset. The book was a success and earned Connelly comparisons to author Thomas Harris by reviewers. The book was made into a film in , directed by Clint Eastwood, who also played McCaleb. In , Connelly left California for Tampa Bay, Florida together with his wife and daughter Callie, so that both Connelly and his wife could be closer to their families.

But even though Connelly moved from one coast to the other, his novels still took place in Los Angeles; he feels no desire to write books set in Florida.

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According to Connelly, after moving to Florida, instead of checking out the places he is writing about, he has to pull them out of his "creative memory". In , another Bosch novel, Lost Light , was published.

Connelly himself says he prefers listening to rock and roll, jazz and blues. While writing he listens exclusively to instrumental jazz, though, because it does not have intrusive vocals and because the improvisational playing inspires his writing. The Narrows was published in Bosch also has to investigate the death of FBI agent Terry McCaleb, something that at first seemed to be a natural death but turned out to be suicide.

In the film, Connelly presents some of the places in Los Angeles that are frequently featured in his books. The Closers was published in May and was the eleventh Bosch novel. This book sets its opening scene in the High Tower Apartment that Connelly rented and wrote from when he first moved to Los Angeles. After some editing, it was published as a novel in The latest Bosch novel, 9 Dragons , was released in October His novel Blood Work was adapted into a film in with a screenplay by Brian Helgeland and direction by Clint Eastwood, who also played the lead role. As of , a film based on the novel Void Moon is in pre-production, with a screenplay by playwright Michael Cristofer, and Connelly himself co-wrote the screenplay for The Equalizer , a pre-production film adaptation of the TV series.

Along with Stephen J. Cannell and James Patterson, he is one of Castle's poker buddies. The books usually reference world events, such as September 11 or the beating of Rodney King.